Playing It Safe: An Introduction to the Best Self Defense Weapons & Accessories

Do you want to arm yourself with dependable self defense weapons? Are you confused about which kinds of accessories to buy?

Though the crime rate in the United States continues to decline, you can never really tell if you are safe or not. After all, some studies show that people tend not to report most crimes to the police.

Moreover, crime rates differ from state to state and city to city. If you live in a dangerous area, you better need to arm yourself against different forms of attacks.

So what are the best self-defense tools out there that you should consider? Continue reading below as we tackle some of the most effective options available.

Small and Discreet Self Defense Options

Part of effective self-defense is concealing your weapon. When evildoers do not see that you are carrying a tool, they will think you are easy prey. This gives you an opportunity to surprise them with a counter-attack.

Here are some cool options that you can keep in your purse or pocket discreetly.

1. Defender Ring

This tool is one of the most effective when it comes to concealment. It sports a design that fools attackers into thinking that it is a normal harmless ring that you wear.

Little do they know that the ring comes with a stainless spike. The rose design hides the spike pretty well.

The spike is sharp enough to pierce through the muscle. Despite its prowess, the ring fits nicely on your hand. You can punch and slash without worrying if it will slip off your finger.

2. Alarm

If you are looking for a non-physical and non-violent option, then an alarm is your best option. Alarms work by deterring evildoers.

They may be small but they pack a punch in terms of drawing attention.

You can keep them inside your purse or in your pocket and press them surreptitiously when an attacker comes your way. It will create a loud and stinging noise that will likely drive away the attacker.

After hitting the button, make sure to run away from the attacker. Go toward a safe place where there are other people.

It also helps if you stay fit. You don’t need to bust your wallet if you want to run fast and become agile.

3. Black Cat Self Defense Key Chain

The Black Cat self-defense key chain also fits nicely into your fingers. It can also slice your attackers arms.

It features a lightweight aluminum construction that makes it easy for people to carry. The cat’s ears, on the other hand, are very sharp. Keep it inside your purse or integrate it with your other keys.

4. To Whom It May Concern Tactical Pen

An effective way of overcoming an assailant is to disguise your weapon and strike with an element of surprise. This tactical pen does exactly that.

It works as a real pen. But underneath is a blade that can stab through the skin with precision. Apart from becoming a striking tool, it also comes with a jagged tip. It also features a built-in flashlight that is useful during emergency situations.

If you go out for a bike ride at night, make sure to include a tactical pen in your utility bag as part of your essentials.

5. Pepper Spray

The pepper spray is perhaps that most popular self-defense tool that is easy to carry. It is compact, lightweight, and cheap.

Pepper sprays work by releasing a blinding mist that will incapacitate attackers. You can activate the spray with a simple push of a button.

There are different kinds of pepper spray designs to choose from. There is the pen type that you can slip right inside your shirt’s pocket.

There is also the bracelet type that you can put right around your wrist. This option will keep your hands free. It can also shoot the spray for up to three feet.

6. Slap Hat

Are you a cap lover? Then wear a slap hat whenever you’re in unfamiliar territory. The slap hat features a heavy weighted back portion.

If you see an assailant running towards you, hold the brim of the hat swing the cap to the attacker. The heavy material is enough to stun the evildoer.

Don’t worry about comfort. You will barely feel the heavy material when you wear it over your head.

7. Monkey Fist

The monkey fist is another tool that also works as a key chain. It features a heavy-duty rope that wraps a steel ball.

You can swing the tool and hit attackers with the ball. You can also unwrap the ball and use the rope during emergency cases. The rope is strong enough to tie over a tree branch.

7. CIA Agent Comb Knife

If you have long hair, you will certainly love the CIA Agent comb knife. It features an unassuming design that easily fools attackers into thinking it’s simply a normal comb.

Underneath the comb is a blade you can use to slash your way into safety. The comb knife comes in different shapes and sizes.

For comfort, stick to the 6.5-inch comb. It fits comfortably in your hand. You can also store it securely inside your purse.

8. Hidden Sword Umbrella

Whether it’s raining or sunny, you will always have a reason to carry this umbrella. As the name implies, the umbrella intelligently hides a metal rod underneath its shaft.

It works by sliding the away the outer layer. The handle also provides superior grip and traction.

You can actually sharpen the end of the metal rod and turn it into a sharp sword.

9. Silver Leaf Knife Pendant

If you love wearing necklaces, you can opt for the silver leaf knife pendant. The leaf design masterfully disguises a sharp knife. You can unveil the knife and wield it against attackers.

With its shiny and classy design, you can pair it with different types of outfits.

Powerful Options

Now let’s swing over to the more serious and powerful self-defense tools. Keep in mind, however, that most of these tools require some training on your part. Unlike the discreet options above, most of them are more expensive.

1. Tasers

Tasers are very compact and yet they are one of the most powerful self-defense tools out there. Policemen from across the country use Tasers.

Tasers come in different forms and sizes. Most common designs allow simple carry using your hands. The more complex types, on the other hand, require the use of a pistol.

Tasers can immobilize attackers without killing them. The idea is to shoot your attacker and run to safety.

Despite being non-lethal, tasers are not toys. Keep them away from your child’s reach.

2. Brass Knuckles

If you are looking for a tool that literally packs a punch, the brass knuckles will not disappoint. Already an excellent puncher? Using brass knuckles will multiply your power many times over.

Simply slip them over your fingers and strike ahead of your attacker. One solid hit in the head can incapacitate an assailant. Knocking him really hard can leave him unconscious.

Brass knuckles also come in different shapes and designs. Today, you can even find a smartphone case that doubles as brass knuckles.

3. Strike Light

The strike light serves two purposes. First, it illuminates the darkest of spaces at night. Second, it doubles as a striking baton.

It features a strong LED light that comes in different modes. It has an option that is bright enough to disorient burglars and attackers.

When push comes to shove, you can turn it into a light baton. It uses solid aluminum construction and some teeth on its endpoints.

One strong swing can knock the senses out of any assailant.

4. Staff

If you want a more traditional-looking weapon, pick one of those good old staffs. With proper training, you can use the staff to parry your attacker’s strikes.

The best thing about a staff is it doubles as a walking stick. It looks very innocent that attackers think it is far from becoming lethal.

5. Nunchucks

Another traditional self defense weapon that is capable of breaking bones is the nunchucks. Some nunchuks are relatively compact. You can keep them on your car’s console or inside your backpack.

Be careful though, when swinging them. You may need to take some basic lessons first before unleashing this powerful weapon on attackers.

6. Swords

If you really want to take traditional self-defense to the next level, then a sword is what you need. It comes in different shapes, lengths, and sizes.

But they perform the same basic purpose: slicing through your enemies.

Like the nunchuks, you need to take lessons to effectively wield a sword.

7. Guns

Lastly, there is the ever trusty handgun. Though handgun sales in the U.S. slipped in 2018, it does not take away anything in terms of its efficacy.

Before pulling the trigger, make sure to take firing lessons first. You also need to invest in accessories and upgrades like Apex Tactical to improve your firing.

In addition, check out the laws in your state before buying a handgun.

Go Beyond Self Defense Weapons

Arming yourself with these self defense weapons is only one way of protecting yourself. You can also enroll in different martial arts classes to learn some hand-to-hand combat skills.

When it comes to your health and wellness, you can check out some of our interesting articles. We tackle various topics like meal planning and boosting self-motivation.

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