Jae Mansa ft. Young Marco “Gryndin”

Gryndin may just be our favorite Jae Mansa song out, as it is able to call back to the early days of Kanye and Styles P. Impressing Young Marco into throwing down some bars for this track is a genius-level decision, as the two distinct approaches taken by the performers makes Gryndin into an unmitigated banger. With smart use of samples and hints of mid-oughts acts (The Game, early Rick Ross), this single will speak to masses of rap fans. Throughout Gryndin’s run time, there’s a thread of honesty and legitimacy that’s hard to deny. Jae Mansa has another hit on his hands.

We’ve previously covered Jae Mansa’s Blessings and Yung Kings.

Jae Mansa ft. Young Marco “Gryndin” Domain /

pineappleCITI “Recognize”

On Recognize, pineappleCITI is able to create an easy-going rap track that builds upon the framework of Young M.A. and A Boogie. With a backing beat that is more dreamy, accentuating rather than boldly countering PC’s bars, Recognize comes forth as utterly distinct from other rap tracks currently populating playlists. Delicate and replete with an infectious vocal hook, Recognize gradually increases in speed as one hurtles to the end of the cut. pineappleCITI has splashed onto the scene. We’re expecting more from her side of things in the beginning half of 2020.

pineappleCITI “Recognize” / Domain /

PM “Touch It” and Get It”

Touch It succeeds because of a haunting, Hypnotise Minds meets Migos sort of production. Intricate wordplay is spat at a bullet’s pace as PM beats fans over their head with the most ornate maul.

Get It is a hard-hitting track that has PM spit lyrics that are cocksure and confident. Matched well with a booming bass and trap-inspired backing beat, Get It is the sort of track that will immediately slot itself on rap rotation and playlists.

PM has cut two tracks that will become part of the common vernacular the last month of 2019 with legs enough to make it through the 1st quarter of 2020.

PM “Touch It” and Get It” / Linktree /

Dan Ashley “What Really Matters”

Dan Ashley is a celebrity in his own right, but What Really Matters is an effort that will catapult him alongside such rock luminaries like Michael Stanley and Elvis Costello. The same charisma that bubbled through his news broadcasts comes through in droves during his latest single. Easy listening rock with musical chops to add more than a bit of oomph, What Really Matters is able to revive the style of late Eagles, Huey Lewis and the News, and Jackson Browne. The vocal breakdown that listeners will run up upon at the 2:45 mark is the perfect sort of reviving section to keep fans firmly involved with the music until Ashley’s final note.

Dan Ashley “What Really Matters” / Facebook /

The Phoenix Rose “Planet”

On Planet, The Phoenix Rose create a wholly unique effort that links together the taut pop-rock of later Genesis, a bit of 311-styled modern rock, and the orchestral pomp of Dream Theater. Throw in some huge jazz-infused bass and a bit of reggae wobble and one will have some semblance of what The Phoenix Rose is trying to do here. The band picks up speed at around the 3:25 mark, wowing fans with an impressively rendered backing instrumentation (e.g. sizzling guitar work, ropy bass lines). The extended run time of Planet goes by in an instant; one will have to play this composition multiple times to fully understand the range of approaches and sounds that are presented here.

The Phoenix Rose “Planet” / Domain /

Jane N’ The Jungle “Beach On Fire”

Jane N’ The Jungle create a technically amazing effort that blends together progressive rock instrumentation with emotive, impassioned vocals. With a set of influences as wide-ranging as Metallica, Jethro Tull, and Santana, Jane N’ The Jungle are continually evolving and refining their musical output. Few songs are able to be enjoyed in such a wide-reaching fashion. One can just take Beach On Fire on its surface or they can dig deep into the intricate dynamics existing between the vox / guitars, guitars/drums, and the overall act’s output together. Simply one of the headiest, most fulfilling songs that we have heard so far this year.

We’ve covered Jane N’ The Jungle a few times, including Little Blue, One TimeKilled Someone, and Faded Stars .

Jane N The Jungle “Beach On Fire”  Facebook / Domain /

The Great Dictators “By The Throat”

By The Throat is a powerful, introspective effort that refreshes the sound of Nick Cage, Chris Isaak, and Where The Streets Have No Name-era U2. Instrumental and vocal sides struggle for dominance here. The bit of electronic fuzz that the guitar / drum dynamic includes bring The Great Dictators a bit closer to NIN. Alluring and darkly emotional, By The Throat’s shuffling tempo will make fans out of anyone listening in. The pianos that enter into the equation continue to spin the song in bold new directions. While the song is over within three minutes, the space that it occupies in fans’ brains is much larger.

The Great Dictators “By The Throat” / Domain /

Zidiq “African Mama”

Zidiq is able to infuse African Mama with an infectious groove and an eye back towards traditional styles, even as he hits fans with some booming EDM beats. Insistent synths match nicely with smooth vocals; hints of Akon and Sean Kingston can be heard in this effort. African Mama turns on a time with slower and quicker sections. With so many things happening during ZIDIQ’s latest single, fans will be able to spend the rest of the year finding new twists and turns from this single. We’re expecting big things from ZIDIQ in the months and the years to come. Take African Mama for a spin below the jump.

Zidiq “African Mama” / Twitter /

Danny Griego and KP Fitz “Twenty Two”

On Twenty Two, Danny Griego and KP Fitz create a timeless ballad that calls back to the days of Bruce Springsteen and post-1990s John Bon Jovi. Ample guitar work interacts with impassioned vocals to draw fans in, while a message of care issues forth. The usage of silence immediately following an instrumentally intense section provides enough of a switch-up to keep fans on their toes. Honest, earnest, and with a heck of a message, Twenty Two is the sort of effort that anyone looking for more from their music should search out. Let us know what you think about this single.

Danny Griego and KP Fitz “Twenty Two” / Domain /

Kid Pullen “Shine From My Casket” & “Can’t Help”

Shine From My Casket is a dreamy, emotionally intensive rap track that has an otherworldly sense of harmony to it. Kid Pullen is able to hit fans with a rapid-fire flow that is countered quite nicely with the contemplative backing instrumentation.

Can’t Help has Kid Pullen immediately laying out a narrative that will keep fans involved in the single. The backing instrumentation bubbles up at the right points to provide ample highlighting to KP’s wordplay. Hammering home a bit of echo towards the end of specific bars, Kid Pullen makes his play for rotation and playlist placement with this one.

Kid Pullen “Shine From My Casket” & “Can’t Help” / Instagram /