Separating Fact From Fiction In The World Of Medicine

Medicine is hugely important for all of us. We use medicine and the medical profession to remain healthy and to treat illnesses, and we place a lot of trust in those people and ideas. As such, it is important that we can be fully aware of what is true and what is not, and that can be something that takes a lot of effort and time to really get to grips with. The worrying truth is that there is plenty of misinformation and lies spread around about various medical concerns, and over time this leads to a lack of understanding and a lack of trust in the medical professional if we are to improve our relationship with our doctors, we need to be able to separate truth from fiction. So what are the signs of a medical fact which we can trust to be reliable? Continue reading “Separating Fact From Fiction In The World Of Medicine”

Applebee’s Grill & Bar – El Dorado, AR

A few months back, we moved from Akron, Ohio down south to a spot in southern Arkansas. To say that the food in our little city (Magnolia) is a bit lacking is somewhat of an understatement. Luckily for us, there’s a town about thirty miles up the road in El Dorado, Arkansas. We’ve been looking for a reason to go to the Applebee’s as it is the one store that our toddler continually calls out when we drive by. Continue reading “Applebee’s Grill & Bar – El Dorado, AR”

Is Keto Diet Effective?

Ketogenic diet is also known as Keto diet. It is typically a diet that is characterized by a 4:1 ratio i.e. dietary fat to protein and carbohydrate. This diet was formally utilized in the treatment of child epilepsy. The theory behind it is that it facilitates significant fat loss in human beings because lack of dietary carbohydrate compels the body to oxidize fat as the main source of fuel. The entire diet is based on the ketosis process; this is when the human body is really depleted of carbohydrates to the extent that the liver starts converting fat into ketone bodies and fatty acids to be used as fuel. This means that the body is burning or running on fat.  Continue reading “Is Keto Diet Effective?”

Otis Silver “Catch Me If You Can”

Otis Silver’s got a hell of a voice. On his new single, “Catch Me If You Can”, Silver is able to immediately place himself alongside performers like Jeremih and R. Kelly. We were absolutely stunned with how well the backing beat accentuates Otis’ vocals. Kidocean’s production is the glue that ties everything together, making for a single that could easily garner airplay on R&B, rap, or crossover stations. The intricate, tight-knit flow of Silver here is head and shoulders above anything else we’ve heard so far this December; we hope to hear more from him in the months and years to come. Continue reading “Otis Silver “Catch Me If You Can””

Liquid Mind XII: Peace

Liquid Mind has crafted an engrossing release in XII: Peace. At The Center is Love opens up with confident synths that elicit imagines of a warm, inviting glade. The 6-plus minute run time of this introduction provides Liquid Mind the time to gradually move into a more richly emotive sound. There is a narrative that is weaved throughout the entirety of Peace that continues through to Communication and Person to Person. Person to Person is able to shine based on the gradual building up of the composition; each shift that Liquid Mind takes here is predicated quite well through a preceding composition that lays a solid foundation for what is to follow. Continue reading “Liquid Mind XII: Peace”

Alex Stanilla – WEN

Alex Stanilla creates a unique sound during his latest release, the 4-track EP WEN. Lehehiah builds off of the synth-pop of the mid eighties, with hints of Depeche Mode and Yaz influences present. Taking hints from industrial and gothic genres, this first song is a tremendous introduction to the performer. Continue reading “Alex Stanilla – WEN”

Elena Andujar – Flamenco in Time

Elena Andujar begins her new album Flamenco in Time with Fever. The track builds upon the dance of the 1980s and the R&B of the 1990s, establishing Andujar as an unique and exciting performer. The emphatic vocal / instrumental dynamic that leads listeners into the two-minute mark keeps the momentum high as more introspective and world music-styled approach. There are just so many things that are occurring at any one moment during Flamenco in Time that listeners will need to put the album on multiple times to hear everything that is going on. Fever is an energetic track that calls back to the mid-1980s style of the Miami Sound Machine, with lush synths and furious brass pushing Andujar to an entirely new plateau with this single. Continue reading “Elena Andujar – Flamenco in Time”

Garrett – “Never Too Late”

Never Too Late is a solid rock track from Canada’s Garrett. The track is able to link together the heavier styles of mid-1990s Ozzy Osbourne with the more introspective hair rock of acts like Enuff Z’nuff. The vocal harmonies, thoughtful guitar work, and splashy drums unite to make a catchy track. Continue reading “Garrett – “Never Too Late””

King in the Belly – Magic Town

King in the Belly’s latest single Magic Town is a funky sort of 1970s-infused rock music that draws upon the blues rock of The Rolling Stones with the vocal charisma of Frank Zappa. Emphatic guitar lines and ropy bass lines unite to create a robust, lush backdrop for the lyrics. Continue reading “King in the Belly – Magic Town”

Matt LeGrand – What Christmas Means To Me

Matt LeGrand’s soulful cover of the Stevie Wonder classic What Christmas Means To Me further showcases Matt’s ability as a performer. The robust piano and bass line that plays at the bottom of the track further increases the replay value of LeGrand’s latest, while the inclusion of additional voices at points during What Christmas Means To Me provides a robustness to the composition that ensures that it will stay fresh throughout the rest of the holiday season. A truly upbeat track that will have fans singing along to the LeGrand version a lot longer than its run time. Continue reading “Matt LeGrand – What Christmas Means To Me”