Student exchanges as an excellent way to combine studying and traveling

Student exchange is a great opportunity to successfully combine travel and study, experience life in another country, learn the culture and traditions of other nations, make new acquaintances and, of course, gain new knowledge. The main goal of such exchanges is the development of international contacts, the knowledge of cultural and spiritual values ​​of different countries.

What are the benefits of student exchanges, and why is it preferable to study abroad regularly? Enrolling in a foreign university is real enough if you consider two things. First, you need a good knowledge of the language of the country in which the future student wants to study. Secondly, it should be remembered that education for foreigners in higher educational institutions of any country, regardless of the university’s form of ownership, is possible only on a paid basis. In the second case, all the points described above are saved. Naturally, this form of study in foreign educational institutions is suitable for those students who are not experiencing financial difficulties. For those who cannot afford such expenses and still want to get an education abroad, the student exchange program is the most appropriate option. Let’s discuss all the benefits and challenges that student exchange programs offer, with leading Pro-Papers experts.

The basis of the program is that the student is sent to a foreign country, where he/she gets acquainted with the traditions, culture, and learns the language. Such programs include living in a foreign family. Those who are going to leave under the international exchange program may face many situations, the way out of which is not very obvious. Moreover, it is necessary to live with a strange family and country, without knowing the language.

To begin with, participation in the exchange program can be done in several ways: take part in the exchange program of the university which you study in, if one exists; you can use similar programs of foreign universities, information about which is posted on their websites; win an exchange program as a grant or as a result of participation in a competition.

Special attention should be paid to the content of a suitable program, the terms of training and the list of free services that are included in the package. Try to find a program that will be completely free for the student. By the way, experts warn students that in case of an independent exchange selection, you should check the available information and should not trust private announcements posted on the Internet.

As noted above, learning in the student exchange program has many advantages. However, it is worth saying a few words about the difficulties that await those who wish to study abroad. It can be said that they rather refer to the problems of moral adaptation to the conditions of the new life.

If you communicate with those who have been abroad on such programs, they, as a rule, will be unanimous in their statements. First of all, the guys note the presence of such a feeling as nostalgia. Impressions of novelty and initial enthusiasm pass with time, and the process of study begins. It requires exertion of strength in order to adequately demonstrate yourself in a new team.

However, certain difficulties arise with what is usually characterized as a language barrier. Indeed, even with a good command of the language, it is impossible to know any national peculiarities or expressions that are difficult to understand and convey to a representative of another country. Here not only language plays a role, but also national traditions. The difficulty in such programs is the length of stay. This is especially true of those who went to study in order to complete their education. It should be remembered that the status of graduate can be obtained only after completing a full year course. Otherwise, we can assume that you had a pleasant time and just got acquainted with the country. Modern exchange programs involve studying in universities in the UK, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and China. Many companies also offer internships in their chosen specialty.

There are some general tips to help you deal with difficulties. To participate in the student exchange program, you must complete the questionnaire. It is very important not to make mistakes in writing an e-mail address. The family, ready to take the student, will contact you via e-mail. You can ask them to tell about the family, their characteristics, as well as the reasons why the family participates in the program. In a new country, you often have to talk about yourself and the country which you came from. Considering that language skills will not be at the same level in order to make a story quickly, it is advisable to prepare it in advance, before departure.

When filling out the questionnaire, you should not embellish your abilities and knowledge, indicate incorrect information. Of course, the embellished questionnaire may cause more responses from families, but in the end everything will become apparent. The true information is very important to them.

Thus, studying abroad by exchange programs opens up good prospects for students and gives a number of advantages. You will be able to get a high-quality education and an international diploma, recognized by experts, to travel and develop your horizons at the same time.

Alli Haber “Too Young”

Too Young is our introductory look into Alli Haber’s music. The track is a very personal and impacting effort. With vocals drawing from Paramore and Meghan Trainor, Alli is able to shine on top of a synth-infused backing beat. With touches of electronic and R&B present on Too Young, Haber is able to reach a considerable follower base. The more intimate sound of Too Young allows Alli ample opportunity to hit a wide vocal range. We’re excited to hear more from Haber in the months and the years to come; let us know at NeuFutur what you think about Too Young.

Alli Haber “Too Young” / Domain

My Silent Bravery feat. Maurico “Holding Out”

Holding Out is a track that effortlessly links together rap and rock music. Maurico’s rap flow intersperses a gritty reality that acts as the diametric opposite to the more hopeful, electronic, and ethereal-tinged sound laid down by My Silent Bravery. The dichotomy between acoustic guitars and fuzzy electronica that plays out beautifully at the 2:55 mark. The booming sound of MSB during the last thirty seconds of Holding Out indelibly tattoos the single’s harmonies deep into listeners’ hearts. Visit the video for My Silent Bravery’s latest below.

We’ve covered Girl You Think You KnowFace to Face18, Everyday Is The Weekend and Got It Going On in the past.

My Silent Bravery “Everyday Is The Weekend”  / Twitter Facebook 

Fairwood Brothers – (Theme from) East Plains: Get Out! [Patumwa Mix]

The Fairwood Brothers are able to make a trippy rock / visual composition that brings together CKY, Monster Magnet, Frank Zappa, and the Butthole Surfers. A slightly-gritty set of vocals acts as a solid counterpoint to the sizzling dubstep-infused synths on the track. While the track eats, shoots, and leaves within 3:30, there are just so many different twists and turns that listeners will continually find something new ten or fifteen spins in. A modern day blend of “Mexican Radio” and “Frontier Psychologist”, (Theme from) East Plains is fun, intricate, and will permanently impress itself upon listeners after a solitary play.

Fairwood Brothers ft. Tukar Garaj and The Young Fairwoods “(Theme from) East Plains: Get Out!” [Patumwa Mix] / Domain

Mac Miller: Lessons from a Too-Fast Life

The thing about death is that we all know it’s going to happen eventually, yet most of us expect that for many, it will be when one has lived a long and full life. After all, that’s the natural course of things: birth, growing up, building a career and raising a family, and then living out one’s twilight years in comfort and quietness. When things occur out of the ordinary, it’s bothersome. It often makes one pause and reflect on how short life can really be for others – especially when such a life seemed to be lived so swiftly, like a car running 120 on a 20mph street. This pretty much describes how one might describe the life of Mac Miller, young rapper extraordinaire, who died because of overdose in 2018 at the age of 26.

Rising Star

Born on January 19, 1992, Malcolm James McCormick started rapping at the young age of fifteen. While this might seem common to most teenager boys, Malcolm (or Mac, as he would eventually be called when he rose to fame) stood out from the rest because it was clear as day how he was incredibly gifted in this talent of rapping. Many would observe him to be the next (and quite possibly, even better) Eminem: a young, tattooed white dude who can go head to head with anyone who’s got lyrical game – and effortlessly wipe the floor with him. His talent did not go unnoticed, for a year after he was signed with Rostrum Records in 2010 his debut album would reach number one on the Billboard 100 charts. This feat is made all the more significant due to the fact that this was the first debut album to be independently distributed while making it to the top of the charts since 1995. Career-wise, it was good things all the way to 2018 – years that were peppered with successful studio albums, signing on to a major label like Warner Bros. Records, and a massive following worldwide.


His rise to stardom wasn’t without its fair share of trials, of course. Miller struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues, which caused problems for him in his romantic relationships, run-ins with the law, and a lot more. This would also apparently deliver the deathblow to his health, as he would die from drug overdose on September 7, 2018 in his Studio City home.

After all this, it is not hard to compare Mac Miller’s life to a meteor shower: brief, but awe-inspiring. Not many in can compete with his achievements in the rap industry at such a young age, while his destructive habits clearly suggested that there was a high chance of him bowing out soon if he didn’t get cleaned up. What should be noted though is his awareness of it: he spoke openly about his addictions, took to music to express his feelings (and problems) with love, and made commendable attempts to get as cleaned up as possible. For the fans, his limited releases are all too precious. For friends and family, he was someone who would be there to support them and help them overcome their struggles as he clearly grappled with his own. Brilliant and selfless, he gave the world the best of his talents in such a short time – as if he himself sort of already knew that his stay on Earth was limited.

Such a life carries with it lessons for the younger set – those who admired him, struggled as he did, and basically navigating that confusing time between teenager and young adulthood.

  1. Explore your interests until you find that one main skill you want to cultivate. Miller was into sports before he focused on music, but once he realized that he could sing/record/perform for a living, he poured all his efforts into it. In music, he finetuned his specialty to rapping. Once he knew what it is that he wanted to do, it was easy to let go of other prospects so he could hone his craft. Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be multitalented. A well-rounded person will always like and explore many things, but when you know that one thing you want to focus on then it can be your top priority for the time it takes to cultivate it. When choosing the right priority, it helps to evaluate if it will be the one to bring the most return of interest. For a lot of people, this may be in the form of financial compensation or recognition; whatever it will be is entirely up to you.

  1. Express your difficulties into the right outlets. Granted, Miller had a problem with addiction – but at the very least, he had music as some form of therapy or sounding board to release some of the problems he had in life. He released songs with lyrics and topics that provided insight into his romantic relationships, which is actually a very healthy thing to do. The lesson here is to avoid destructive responses by taking your difficulties and pouring them out into healthy outlets that are available to you. For example, if you’re having problems at work, a better outlet to release all that pent-up frustration is to work out in the gym or sign up for a painting class instead of drowning your sorrows in whisky. It is safe to say that Miller probably fanned the flames of his substance addiction with the trials he faced in life, whatever those may be, to a point where it got out of control and ended him.

  1. Seek and help others, no matter how you feel. Helping and being there for other people primarily helps them, but the benefit extends to you. No one loses anything from being a good friend, even when you have your own troubles. Frankie Grande, brother of his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, notes how Miller was there to encourage him and support him throughout his own personal struggle with drug addiction. It takes a big person to do this, and you should give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you are able to do so wholeheartedly.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make the big decisions. Throughout his career, Miller made a number of decisions that clearly showed he was in control and that he had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish in his career. This included choosing a record label that was located in his hometown (as opposed to committing to one in the big city), and putting out his own record label REMember Music, to name a few. He had his own reasons, both personal and professional for doing so – which bore fruit. While he eventually moved on to bigger things after these, it was easy to see that he had expectations of himself that necessitated such decisions, so he had no (or maybe just a few) qualms about going ahead with it.

  1. Establish limits on yourself. Miller’s run-ins with the law and his eventual death was the result of him not recognizing his limits enough to stay on the safe side of things. While a life as colorful and as action-packed as his is very interesting to read and know about, it was also so short that it kept him (and his captive audience) from finding out what else he was truly capable of because he passed on too soon. In your own life, you must be aware and purposeful of limits that you will set on yourself simply because you know it will be good for you. It can be as simple as forcing yourself to sleep at 11pm every night instead of 2 am, or not allowing yourself to be a push over to people whose intentions are more self-serving than anything else.

  1. Maintain authenticity, because the people who matter with appreciate it. The last Grammy’s was criticized for not giving the award to Miller posthumously. It was a supposed sign of commercialism instead of a celebration of uniqueness that came hand in hand with raw talent. Despite this, true fans know what his album is: a completely personal experience that he was generous enough to share with the world. His music sent the clear message that it was never about hitting sales targets but rather it sending profound messages in the form of songs to touch the lives of others and give them an insight into his.

Mac Miller may be gone, but his music will always be there for people to turn to when they need it. The years he was active in the music and rap industry will always be heralded as one of the most impactful. At 26, he has clearly accomplished so much more than his contemporaries; more importantly, he has raised the bar high for those who are as talented as him – and we are all watchers who will note whether or not someone will come up to scratch.   

Dario Distasi “Stuck In Here”

Dario Distasi is able to make a wholly unique track in Stuck In Here. Echoing vocals, deliberate drums, and a chunky bass combine to make for something that could easily slot onto rock rotation or radio stations. Dario’s vocals on Stuck In Here come forth from the mid-oughts emo and post-hardcore scenes; there are traditional harmonies here but they are infused with a bit of punky weariness. Stuck In Here covers a lot of ground over the course of 3:20, providing listeners with a solid introduction to Distasi’s music. Perfectly polished, this single is something that we’ll be playing through the spring here at NeuFutur headquarters.

Dario Distasi “Stuck In Here” / Facebook / Twitter /

MariBased1 – Bouncin

MariBased1 has went back to 1990s California rap with his new cut, Bouncin. The track has a lush backing beat that builds off of the Dr. Dre-styled production of The Chronic, while MariBased1’s flow brings in hints of Too Short and E-40. Bouncin is an infectious track, tattooing its melodies and lyrics deep into the psyche of listeners. Focused, with a visual style that is tremendously reverent of Ice Cube, Master P, and Mr. 3-2, MariBased1 is able to break from current rap artists and make something that truly resonates through the entirety of the style.

We last covered MariBased1 back in November of 2018.

MariBased1 – Bouncin Facebook / Instagram /

Michael Bright “Heartache”

Michael Bright’s Heartache is a sultry, chill R&B track that immediately will impress fans with alluring instrumentation, charismatic vox, and a production that is on par with radio fare. With stylistic nods to Ne-yo, Chris Brown, and Jason DeRulo, Bright is able to tie the past to the present. With even a brief tinge of the New Jack Swing style of Jodeci / Boys II Men and gospel interspersed here, Michael has ensured that the widest possible swath of fans will be able to dig what’s going on with Heartache. Check out the video below the jump and let us know what you think.

Michael Bright “Heartache” / Instagram /

Cleo Alexandra “Who Can It Be Now”

Cleo Alexandra takes the Men at Work classic Who Can It Be Now and add a bit of hard rock, industrial, and gothic flair into the mix. The darkly emotive vocals laid down here by Cleo are matched well through a feature by Rick Springfield. While enough of the spirit of the original is contained in this re-tooling, the Fear Factory meets Linkin Park sequencing spins this off in a bold new direction. Cracking electricity and sizzling guitar work further bolster the effort, ensuring that listeners will be singing Cleo’s lyrics long after the single ceases to play.

Cleo Alexandra “Who Can It Be Now” ft. Rick Springfield / Facebook / Instagram /

Broncho “Big City Boys”

On their new single Big City Boys, Broncho is able to make a hauntingly beautiful alt-rock track. Replete with synths and a 1980s new wave-inspired demeanor, Big City Boys stands boldly above the rest of the college rock fare currently being released. What is perhaps the strongest side of Big City Boys has to be the vocals; pulling double duty in providing listeners with a narrative as well as adding a further level of harmony to an already deep and detailed effort. The visuals, shot entirely on iPhone, do well to further contextualize the story contained within the track.

Broncho “Big City Boys” / Domain