bloom BABY Sensitive Wipes

Having a good sort of baby wipes that are at one’s disposal when having an infant or toddler is essential. Anyone that has had a child in the past knows quite well how bad some of the wipes can be both in regards to the size of each wipe or the thickness of the material used in making the wipe. Even the amount of liquid that these wipes are saturated with all change whether the wipe is good or is just something that one has to use when they ran out on the road or during a trip. We typically by wipes from a major diaper company and are generally happy with their performance. We were lucky enough to have a box of bloom BABY Sensitive Wipes  delivered to us to evaluate. Continue reading “bloom BABY Sensitive Wipes”

Pallab Sarker – Morning in Brixton

London artist Pallab Sarker’s new single “Morning in Brixton” is a powerful indie rock song that describes the bustling London suburb. The song is sweet and well composed reminding on of Ed Sheeran or even Ben Harper. Morning in Brixton’s music is earnest and has a great harmony which will resound in listeners’ brains long after the track ceases. Continue reading “Pallab Sarker – Morning in Brixton”

Joovy New Nook (High Chair)

Joovy’s New Nook high chair is a nearly required if not absolutely essential part of the dining room for anyone that has an infant or young child. The ability to go and have a easily clean surface and a way to buckle in a child is essential and Joovy has created a high chair that is both fashionable and Incredibly useful. Continue reading “Joovy New Nook (High Chair)”

Business Finance and Debt Consolidation Loan Tips

Finance is vital for the growth and survival of a business. If you do not have adequate start-up capital, there are various costs that range from licenses to equipment that you will not be able to cover. There are different sources of financing that you can choose from such as bank loans, savings and investors. Continue reading “Business Finance and Debt Consolidation Loan Tips”

Fallout Miniatures Table-Top Game Releasing November, 2017

Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of the Star Trek, Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, is thrilled to announce today that Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the first tabletop miniatures game based on the Fallout universe, is currently in development and is set to release November 2017. Continue reading “Fallout Miniatures Table-Top Game Releasing November, 2017”

Do You Know The 5 Mistakes People Make When Consolidating Their Student Loans?

A lot of people gain from consolidating their loans. It saves them a lot of hassle, plus time and money. However, if you are not careful, you may get yourself into debt consolidation traps that will leave you frustrated and cost you a lot of money. Continue reading “Do You Know The 5 Mistakes People Make When Consolidating Their Student Loans?”

Reebok Women’s ZPump 2.0; staying strong months in

We wanted to give a pair of Reeboks a good, long trial; over the last year, we’ve been able to analyze every step, workout, and other activity we have done with these shoes in mind. The women’s ZPump 2.0 shoe by Reebok is a solid effort in a number of ways. The weight of the shoe is balanced perfectly on the foot, while the eyelets are placed in a way that the shoe will not slip around on the foot. The inclusion of the moisture-managing mesh allows for comfort in a wide array of climes; this design allows for moisture to evaporate while keeping feet at a proper temperature. The balance of comfort and fit is done well on this effort from Reebok. Even on my longer runs, there is a relaxed feel that comforts more than it constricts. Continue reading “Reebok Women’s ZPump 2.0; staying strong months in”

Mels Love Featuring Da Brat – It’s Over

Mel’s Love’s latest single “It’s Over” features 1990’s legend Da Brat and it’s amazing! The single blends together a old school club sound with Da Brat hip hop style, the song is fun and keeps you dancing along the whole time. It kind of reminds you of someone like Fedde LeGrand or Benny Bennassi with the dance rhythms and deep bass. I really enjoyed this release and could see it becoming a club hit internationally. I hope to hear more from Mel’s Love in the future!

Mels Love Featuring Da Brat – It’s Over /

J Jesus – Higher Purpose

J Jesus is a London based Christian artist that is preparing to release his new album “Higher Purpose”. The music has a soft reggae sound mixed with indie rock like vocals, very different from the traditional artists in this genre. His voice is smooth and allows the love for his music to come to life in each song. The composition is nice and clear allowing the artists vocal talent to really shine, but the music is complementary as well. I think that J Jesus has a good chance to make an impression on his new and old fan with this album and I hope to hear it’s full release soon!


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