Tips on Getting the Best Toys Store for Your Kids

If you ask any child what their favorite thing to do is, the answer will always be playing and being with their friends. This shows just how much play is important in any kid’s life. A child that grows up being exposed to toys and the outside world is bound to develop faster than one who is locked in the house watching TV and sleeping. Continue reading “Tips on Getting the Best Toys Store for Your Kids”

Festa Imperiale Oatmeal Stout (Second Chance)

Second Chance from San Diego has just reached their first anniversary, and in celebration of that day they have released Festa Imperiale, a bourbon barrel-aged oatmeal Stout that is pegged at 9%. The beer itself pours with a dark brown coloration and a fair amount of tannish head. There are good amounts of brown sugar and vanilla that immediately present themselves in Festa Imperiale while the time that the beer spends in bourbon barrels moderates a decent amount all the alcohol burn that is typically presents in brews like these. There is substantial cohesion in Festa Imperiale meaning that as the beer continues to reach room temperature, the strength of the flavors initially present grow and become more dense. The beer itself would do well when paired with strongly flavored cuisine including Indian and Asian Fare. Continue reading “Festa Imperiale Oatmeal Stout (Second Chance)”

Heinz and C Space want your opinions

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Are your children picky eaters or begging to switch things up? Each day provides a new challenge when it comes to keeping bellies full and happy. Kraft Heinz cares about the effort you put into making meals for your family and would like your help inspiring new products. Continue reading “Heinz and C Space want your opinions”

Tips To Carry Out AC Repair

Is your home air-conditioning device not performing to the mark? Before matters get worse, you must get it serviced from an expert. At the same time, you must possess the proper knowledge about the air-conditioning system. Having a sound idea about certain aspects of air-conditioning devices would help in repairing the device, once it breaks down or starts to function in an inappropriate manner. Continue reading “Tips To Carry Out AC Repair”

Linkin Park Release “One More Light” 5/19

Continuing the tradition of reinvention and innovation, GRAMMY Award-winning rock band LINKIN PARK enjoyed another career first today by announcing the May 19 release date of their seventh studio album, One More Light and debuting their new single Heavy” [feat. Kiiara] on Facebook Live.

Continue reading “Linkin Park Release “One More Light” 5/19″

World War IX – Have You Seen My Drugs?

World War IX call back to the halcyon days of The Ramones and Rollins-era Black Flag. Hints of The Stranglers and The Dickies can be heard during the band’s new single, Have You Seen My Drugs?. Punchy beats, a keen sense of humor, and a tight instrumentation make this into one of the favorite tracks that we’ve heard so far this year. Have You Seen My Drugs? starts and ends in 100 seconds, but the bold sound of World War IX will continue to bounce around listeners’ heads long after the track ceases. Continue reading “World War IX – Have You Seen My Drugs?”

Carmel Paradise “Turn Me On”

Carmel Paradise’s “Turn Me On” is a vocal-heavy pop track that immediately draws fans in. Hints of synth do well to imbue Turn me On with a certain dark allure. The collection of insistent vocals, contemplative arrangements, and a production that allows each element to shine alone or as a cohesive effort. Continue reading “Carmel Paradise “Turn Me On””