Be Astronaut – Bipolar Spectrum

Be Astronaut has just released a new single, Bipolar Spectrum. The track is able to draw together indie, alternative rock, and progressive styles. While the vocals are alluring on their own, technical fans will dig a bit deeper into the guitar / drum interactions that are weaved throughout. The complexity of Bipolar Spectrum – the band is able to move through styles on a dime – means that listeners will continue to find new twists and turns even ten or fifteen listens in. The back and forth between the pair of vocals, the vocals and instrumentation, and the constituent instruments make this one of the headiest and most intense efforts we’ve heard this year. Continue reading “Be Astronaut – Bipolar Spectrum”

Interpol “The Rover”

Interpol’s come back with a new hit with a bit of a change of pace from 2014’s El Pintor. On “The Rover”, jangly guitar work and insistent drums will tattoo a rhythm deep into listeners’ heads. Raw, passionate, and blending together down and dirty Detroit rock with a tinge of 1980s synth / new wave, Interpol is back in peak form. Of particular note during The Rover has to be a brief instrumental section that joins together the two halves of the single. If The Rover is any indication of the typical fare on the band’s new album Marauder (out 8/24), we’re definitely going to have to dig deeper into the album.  Continue reading “Interpol “The Rover””

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant (Cincinnati, Ohio)


While the lot for the Cincinnati location of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant was full to capacity, we were astonished at how spacious the location was. After confirming our reservation, we were brought back to the main dining room. Lower lights made for a cozy experience.


The Mexican Drunken Shrimp ($13.99) were huge and imbued the natural crispness of the shrimp with crispy, salty bacon, a bit of a citrus twist from the tequila lime butter sauce, and ramped up the creaminess with a goodly dollop of guacamole. Our dark horse for best plate of the night was the Crispy Brussels Sprouts ($8.99). The wife and I were pleasantly surprised at this appetizer as Cooper’s Hawk’s cooks made the brussels sprouts as robust as a fresh potato chip. The crispness of the veggie was matched well with a sweet thai chili and aioli that linked sesame and sriracha. Cashews furthered the crunch of the plate.


The surf and turf option offered by Cooper’s Hawk allowed me to try the sliced ginger soy glazed New York strip ($30.99) along with the pistachio-crusted group. Another highlight of the meal was their pork chop ($24.99), which came tossed in a maple / mustard / pretzel crust. The steak and pork chop were succulent and prepared to our instructions.

The Wines

As one can imagine, a major focus of Cooper’s Hawk are the wines that they offer. Each of the entrees and plates on the restaurant side of things has a number by the item, representing a proper pairing that accentuates both the wine and the plate.  Cooper’s Hawk’s Petite Sirah ($7.75 / glass, $26.99 / bottle) is a delicate take on the jammy, peppery style. The range of wines that Cooper’s Hawk offers is substantial, whether it be sparkling varietals – the prosecco, Blanc de Blanc, a sweet sparkling red or whites – a Chardonnay (an unoaked and an upper tier “Lux” version), riesling, viognier, and more, one will have their particular itch scratched. The wife likes reds, which Cooper’s Hawk has by the boatful – a merlot, malbec, cabernet zinfandel, and a house blend merely scratch the surface.

Alongside the wine, we tried out their house ale ($7.50) which had been specially brewed by Goose Island for the chain. In this effort, hints of hay and grain with just a bit of earthiness dominate. The ale paired nicely with the decadent steak.


The Cooper’s Hawk Chocolate Cake ($7.99) was decadent, a solid conclusion to the meal. The portion of cake that we received was able to stretch to all three in our party.

Information and Concluding Thoughts

The Cincinnati location of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is open from 11 until 9:30 PM on Mondays through Thursdays, 11 to 9 on Sundays, and 11 am until 10:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Their bar is open an hour later on each day. Individuals can make a reservation for the restaurant through OpenTable and through traditional (phone/e-mail) methods.

The restaurant is ornately furnished, the staff each possesses a depth of knowledge that is rare in dining, and one’s overall visit to the restaurant will be memorable. For additional information about the full menu, wines, and other information about the company, check out their domain.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, 8080 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45236 / Facebook / Twitter

Joe Lington – I gotta be with you

On I gotta be with you, Joe Lington is able to go back to the R&B and pop-rap styles of the late 1990s and early 200s. An assertive beat and paired vocals (Bryan G features here) ensures that the melody of this single is buried deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. For fans of early Ne*yo, Nelly, and R. Kelly, I gotta be with you is able to refresh an older set of musical style. Fans will be given a good introduction to Lington; for those that heard Remember, it is a nice expansion of the approaches taken by the performer.

Joe Lington – I gotta be with you (Featuring Bryan G) /  / Facebook

World Void Web – We, The Fragmented

On World Void Web’s latest single, We, The Fragmented, visual and audio elements combine to make something heady and impactful. With strong usage of black and white to put additional oomph to the piano and traditional percussive elements, World Void Web will keep fans focused in through the song’s nearly seven-minute run time. Make sure to keep an eye on the flashes of color that are interspersed here; the presence of fire engulfing a map provides further narrative to this journal. World Void Web are able to blend together past and present, apathy and fierce political action in a way few artists can. Check out the video below the jump.

Continue reading “World Void Web – We, The Fragmented”

Inner Call – Times Change

Inner Call has released a new single, Times Change. The single effortlessly blends EDM with a haunting rock style. The Drooid Remix of the song ramps up the energy nicely, while listeners will be amazed at the passion and range of the vocals. The track is able to reach an entirely new plateau when it hits the 2:30 mark, as the energy and dynamic between the vocals and synths are further bolstered. Over the course of the last few years, it is clearly evident that Inner Call has evolved and have became a more capable act as a result. Check out the video for Times Change below the jump. Continue reading “Inner Call – Times Change”

The ‘Mark Ian Rocket Man’ Project – ‘Stay With Me’

Stay With Me, the latest single from the ‘Mark Ian Rocket Man’ Project features Sabrina Purdy. The single is able to successfully build upon the pop and rock styles of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Purdy’s vocals are the perfect counterpoint for the guitar / drum dynamic. The crispness of the composition ensures that each element is able to shine alone or as a greater entity. Engrossing, engaging, and full of heart-tugging arrangements, Stay With Me is one of those rare examples of songs that can appease all types of fans.

Spotify / iTunes / Soundcloud

The ‘Mark Ian Rocket Man’ Project – ‘Stay With Me’ featuring Sabrina Purdy

IBRU “War and Violence”

IBRU’s “War and Violence” is a touching effort that showcases the reality of life in the world. It showcases what actually happens when someone in the formative years of their life passes on or decides to join a gang. While IBRU’s vocals are beautiful and War and Violence is catchy enough to imprint its melodies deep into the minds of listeners, the message here may be the most important takeaway. Be active in your community and work with the next generation to ensure that they are on the best possible path. IBRU has made another hit here, all while urging listeners to do the right thing. Continue reading “IBRU “War and Violence””

A.Def “OP8 of the Masses”

A.Def begins their new single OP8 of the Masses with intricate word flow influenced by Tech N9ne, The Lonely Island and Twiztid. The intensity of the rap is paralleled nicely with the sultry vocals of Ava Del Cielo and a set of strings and booming drums that play behind the vox. OP8 of the Masses is a banger that stands up to repeat plays. The lyrical content works in the content of the single, but we think that A.Def’s subsequent efforts will further ratchet up the fire that is encountered on the track.

A.Def “OP8 of the Masses” featuring Ava Del Cielo / Facebook

Couch Jackets “Don’t Think Just Breathe”

Couch Jackets’ “Don’t Think Just Breathe” is a very dense and detailed effort. This means that at any moment during the band’s new single, there are a number of threads that a listener can focus on. For example, there is a dreamy sort of pop that the guitars and vocals further, while hints of psychedelic, 1960s pop, and psychedelic can all be picked out. Complex time signature and a penchant for moving into mid-1990s Britpop ensures that Don’t Think Just Breathe sounds wholly different from other efforts out today. An amazing ear for bold and beautiful music makes this song into a must-listen. Continue reading “Couch Jackets “Don’t Think Just Breathe””