Monsieur Job – “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow” Feat. No Mercy

Monsieur Job’s Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow skillfully blends reggae, EDM, and pop music in a fashion that will get listeners of all stripes out on the dance floor. The production of the track (featuring No Mercy) is robust, crisp, and clear – one could easily see this garnering major airplay. The drum and bass represents the cornerstone of the track, but the vocals pull double duty in including listeners to engage with the track while further bolstering the overall rhythms achieved by the single. We’ll be playing Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow through the end of the summer. The group’s BASS PA$$I 2 is out now, which features a number of remixes of their earlier hits.

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Andromeda by Undercover Rabbis

Andromeda is the new album by New Jersey’s Undercover Rabbis (we previously covered their 2015 disc Electric Sand and their 2014 work Empires). The first thing that listeners should know is that Andromeda is one of those albums that are considerably better if you’re able to just sit back with a pair of headphones on. There are so many things occurring during each second of the album that even losing focus for a seccond will cause fans to miss something important. Continue reading “Andromeda by Undercover Rabbis”

K-Syran – “Shake That Booty” (Stonebridge & Damien Hall Remix)

K-Syran’s “Shake That Booty” is given a retro sort of feel with the remix that Stonebridge & Damien Hall have created. The track is able to shine because of K-Syran’s inimitable vocals, but the backing instrumentation is surprisingly deep. The different percussive and synth elements that are weaved through this track link together the disco of the 1970s with Madonna’s 1990s work. The shining production of Shake That Booty ensures that fans of current EDM will find something that they can appreciate here as well. K-Syran has been evolving and growing over the last months; check out our coverage of her full Dizzy album.

K-Syran – “Shake That Booty” (Stonebridge & Damien Hall Remix) / /


John Tracy “Home”

“Home” is the current single by John Tracy, and its hopeful sound is prersent through the soaring vocals, the on-point drums, and the chunky bass line that is weaved throughout the composition. A secondary chorus provides a robustness to Home, while anyone that has ever had something to come home to will find something to appreciate with this sound. John Tracy’s work here adopts equal amounts of alternative, indie rock, and even 1990s country. Effortlessly catchy, Home is an effort that will convert listeners to fans; John Tracy definitely has a single in this one. The effort takes a spectacular lap at the 2:20 mark and beyond.


John Tracy “Home” 

Beauty In The Breakdown “Thinkin Bout You”

Beauty In The Breakdown’s “Thinkin Bout You” is a high-energy track that will get listeners out on the dance floor. Skillfully blending equal parts pop and dance music, the act is able to keep an insistent percussion percolating as strong synths and delicate vocals comprise the top part of the single. Thinkin Bout You succeeds because it builds upon the framework of late 1990s and 2000s female popstars while putting in some of the larger than life instrumentation present in EDM bangers of the last few years. They combine to make something that will stick with listeners long after the video ceases to play. Continue reading “Beauty In The Breakdown “Thinkin Bout You””

Antherius “Classical Gas” (Gasoline Version)

Antherius’ take on Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas” is an interesting take on the classic. The number of twists and turns that listeners will encounter is impressive. Hints of progressive, synth-pop, and AOR can be discerned in the track. No matter how expansive the song may seem, there is a cohesive element that links each section together. Antherius’ steady hand makes this an effort that is reverent to the original while imprinting the resulting song with a unique brand. Antherius has made Classical Gas all his own with his new performance. Continue reading “Antherius “Classical Gas” (Gasoline Version)”

Justina Valentine “JUST”

Justina Valentine has just released a new single, a reframing of the Eminem single “Stan”. This single, “JUST”, is able to continue the same heavy emotional content of the original while providing listeners with a tremendously introspective look into Justina Valentine. The original backing track is held over from Stan, but the rapidity of Valentine’s flow will amaze and keep fans firmly planted on the edges of their seats. The complexity of the wordplay both weaves a voluminous narrative and interacts heavily with the instrumentation. Continue reading “Justina Valentine “JUST””

David Haerle “Finding Natalie”

David Haerle’s “Finding Natalie” is a rock track in the vein of Dire Straits and Elvis Costello. The dynamic between the guitars, bass, and strings ensures that the tracks 6-plus-minute run time goes by quickly, while Haerle’s narration on the single will have listeners clamoring for more after the songs concludes. The chorus of the single will tattoo itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The guitar work that bridges the two halves of the single boosts the momentum as fans move ever closer to the song’s conclusion. Continue reading “David Haerle “Finding Natalie””

Natalise + the Sunset Run “In the Fall”

“In the Fall” is the latest single from Natalise + the Sunset Run. This track immediately kicks into high gear and deftly maneuvers between rock, EDM, and pop genres over the course of its run time. Of course, Natalise is able to immediately capture listeners’ attentions with her unsurpassed vocals, but the punchy drums, sweeping synths and masterful usage of volume. In the Fall is the best track we’ve heard from Natalise + the Sunset Run; the band has evolved so much over such a small period of time. We’re excited for the rest of Natalise + the Sunset Run’s 2018. Continue reading “Natalise + the Sunset Run “In the Fall””

Lady Moon & The Eclipse “Star Gazing”

Lady Moon & The Eclipse’s “Star Gazing” is a wonderful blend of classical and modern forms of R&B. This means that there are lush, funk/jazz-infused bass and drums, a bright and sunny set of vocals, and taut playing that ensures that the resulting effort is appeasing to all fans. On Star Gazing, Lady Moon is able to build upon the style of India.Arie, Corinne Bailey Rae and Mary Mary. Star Gazine is a track that works equally well in 1987 and 2017, familiar and inviting while having some serious musical chops. Each member lends themselves wholly to a fantastic effort. Continue reading “Lady Moon & The Eclipse “Star Gazing””