Nuke The Soup “Deeper”

Nuke The Soup’s Deeper is a hopeful track that builds upon the approach of mid-nineties / early oughts alternative rock and punk music. Hints of Green Day and Natalie Cole can be picked up here, while the strong guitar work presented on the track allows Deeper to stand on its own. The stylistic shift that listeners will experience at the two-minute mark keeps things interesting, as does the psychedelic-tinged guitar solo that splits the track in twain. Nuke The Soup’s Deeper has something for everyone, and it is this desire to continually shift and re-invent styles that separates the cut from the rest of the music on the market.

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Society of the Silver Cross “When You’re Gone”

When You’re Gone is a powerful effort that goes back to the early-nineties style of goth music (e.g. Christian Death, Switchblade Symphony) and makes it important and vital again. The slow introduction showcases a very traditional sort of instrumentation; the emotionally intense vocals completely change things up shortly after. Taken together, these two disparate elements make for a loud, resounding effort that will stick around with listeners long after the single ceases to play. A repetition of the vocals add further complexity to the track’s harmonies. With a ton to unpack, When You’re Gone is the rare example of a song that gets better with time.

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Worth Taking “Am I The Only One”

Worth Taking are able to refresh the emo-punk sound of the early oughts with their new single, Am I The Only One. Alluring vocals work quite nicely with taut instrumentation. A robust bass line interplays nicely with splashy drums to make something eminently listenable. We’re immediately tapping our feet by the end of the first minute. Never content with the status quo, Worth Taking are able to keep shifting and changing their sound on their latest. We’re digging the fuzzy guitars on Am I The Only One, a nice update to the alt-rock of Sponge and Weezer. 

Worth Taking “Am I The Only One” / Facebook

Chris Beer “Remember To Forget”

Chris Beer is able to bring forward late-era Johnny Cash and Mumford & Sons in his latest track, Remember to Forget. Blending together contemporary with a much more storied style (e.g. Snow Patrol), there is always a unique flair that is presented in Beer’s new effort. Where there is a seemingly straight-forward sound that is dominated during this single, listeners should really strap their headphones on and listen deeply to the dynamic that is established between the constituent instrumental parts.  We’d love to hear more from Chris Beer in the future to see precisely how he grows and evolves. 

Chris Beer “Remember To Forget” / Facebook

Garretson & Gorodetsky “Insambia”

Insambia is a track that draws on a rich musical tradition. With Garretson singing in a fashion that builds upon the powerful singers of the early twentieth century, Insambia is able to stand out boldly from the rest of the pack.

The instrumentation on Insambia do much to establish a unique style here. There are nods to jazz and traditional Broadway, as well as modern classical music. There is some real beauty present in this effort; fans will continue to find new twists and turns and new dynamics each time that they play the effort. The video is able to build upon the same themes and styles to provide further variation to the composition.

Garretson & Gorodetsky “Insambia” / Weba Garretson

Thomas Passon “Los”

Thomas Passon creates a bouncy EDM track that blends together industrial, drum and bass, and pop. Taking influences from U2 and Scooter, Passon can make a song that will appease fans wishing to dance as well as those music aficionados that want something a bit deeper and more comtemplative with their acts. Los’s usage of a guitar style out of the Weezer or post-grunge playbook alongside the perfection of electronic pop makes for something wholly different in Los. The scintillating sound of the effort’s last ten seconds may just be the most fun conclusion we’ve heard so far this year.

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Gottweist “Weight of the World”

On Gottweist’s latest single Weight of the World, the band is able to create a hard and heavy track that calls back to Machine Head and Fear Factory while having just enough harmony to have listeners hanging on every world. The dynamic that is established by the band – guitars and drums rotating, a brutal set of vocals reigning over the composition – firmly ensconces the band among the top tier of heavy metal acts. The chugging, Coal Chamber meets Korn breakdown gives up ground to a sick, screamed-out vocal back and forth to conclude things. The sizzling guitar work puts an emphatic mark on the final seconds of the song.

Gottweist “Weight of the World” / Instagram / Facebook 

ash.ØK “We’ll Waste Away” (feat. Robyn Cage and Jomy George)

ash.ØK has a new single – We’ll Waste Away – that deftly ties together EDM, pop, and a global sound into a sound that will bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The electronic side of things (laid down with a fulfilling synth line) work nicely with a traditional, vocal-heavy component. A brief instrumental interlude at the three-minute mark keeps things fresh and bouncy, with a beat that will undoubtedly get listeners out on the dance floor. We’ll Waste Away has a truly world sound to it, owing to the impressive performance of Jomy George. Check out the video for We’ll Waste Away below the jump.

We previously covered ash.ØK’s The Unraveled, Holding Sand, and Shattered on the Inside.

ash.ØK “We’ll Waste Away” /

Broke Royals “Christmas Cookie Blues”

The Broke Royals are creating a tremendously catchy pop-rock track that is in-line for the holiday season. Emotive vocals, taut instrumentation, and a bit of sleigh bells make for a track that will stick with listeners long after the effort ceases to play. A secondary set of vocals allows for a back and forth that further lays out the single’s narrative. 

The track is able to rise and fall, keeping listeners focused in on the gradual increases to the song’s momentum. With such palpable charisma weaved into the single, the Broke Royals are able to make one of the season’s first great holiday tracks.

We’ve checked out the Broke Royals a few times in the past, including their Bad Chemicals,  Higher and As Long As I Can See.

Broke Royals “Christmas Cookie Blues” / Facebook / Instagram

The Finger Guns – $9.99 Quesadilla

The Finger Guns blend together Green Jelly with NoFX to make for something eminently catchy with their latest single $9.99 Quesadilla. The vocals whip in hints of the Descendants and Rise Against. Intense guitars, splashy drums, and a perfect bass line unite to make something that could hang right alongside The Ramones or Social Distortion. Just like a good quesadilla, there’s a tremendous amount of material stuck between the beginning and end of the effort. We’d love to hear more from The Finger Guns in the future, as they are one of the few acts that are keeping traditional punk music alive. We’ll be playing $9.99 Quesadilla throughout the winter. Continue reading “The Finger Guns – $9.99 Quesadilla”