Earthquake Lights “Choke ’em Up”

“Choke ’em Up” by the Earthquake Lights has a power retro-rock vibe that calls back to the 1970s Detroit scene as well as The White Stripes. Deliberate, intense guitar lines represent the backdrop upon which assertive vocals can build off of. The sizzling guitar work and extended instrumental section which presents themselves at the two-minute mark gradually spin the effort into its final minute. This is traditional hard rock done right. Dirty, dingy, and with each beat tattooing itself deep into fans’ minds, this is the Earthquake Lights’ latest effort. 

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Broke Royals “Bad Chemicals”

Broke Royals’s new single “Bad Chemicals” will immediately draw listeners with passionate vocals and a set of guitars that blend together Maroon 5 and Mumford and Sons. The mid-tempo track is immense, with emphatic drum beats and gradual upticks in the momentum. The result of Broke Royals’ work here is that Bad Chemicals will stick with listeners long after the effort ceases to play. Particular kudos has to be given to the guitar and drum work here; each time we catch a new song from this act, we can hear that much more in the way of an evolution. Check out the video for Bad Chemicals below the jump. Continue reading “Broke Royals “Bad Chemicals””

Morrison – Heart on Fire

Heart On Fire is an interesting blend of styles. The sheer vocal range of Morrison touches upon high registers and low notes equally, with the unifying feature being her unmatched authority. The dramatic, epic backing beat presented to fans during Heart on Fire establishes a soundscape that is as rich as any vocal line. Together, these two sections unite to make for a single in Heart on Fire that will stick with fans long after the effort ceases to play. We’re expecting big things from Morrison in the months and years to come. Check out the stream for Heart on Fire below the jump and let us know what you think. Continue reading “Morrison – Heart on Fire”

Matt LeGrand “12:00 AM”

12:00 AM is an infectious track building upon the works of the Jonas Brothers and Jason DeRulo. Electronic-tinged and with a heavy bass beat at the bottom of the effort, 12:00 AM ensures that listeners will be out on the dance floor. The track twinkles due to the raw passion and intensity of LeGrand’s vocals; there is a charisma that is hard to deny interspersed throughout the entirety of the single. The second half of the track slows things down a bit before moving into a drum and bass section that keeps the momentum high until the final note. Continue reading “Matt LeGrand “12:00 AM””

Elvyn Rhud – Orange is for Love

Elvyn Rhud’s new single Orange is for Love skillfully takes up the standards of jangly Doors/Tea Party psychedelic rock with the haunting goth style of Bauhaus and Joy Division. The tambourine works to provide further depth to the echoing vocals. Orange Is For Love is a track like an onion; listeners will continue to find new layers with subsequent plays. Even with the track ending before the 2:30 mark, the song feels massive. The Spartan production ensures that the different elements on the composition are able to shine alone while contributing mightily to an alluring, comprehensive sound.  Continue reading “Elvyn Rhud – Orange is for Love”

Angelo David “This Place”

Angelo David’s “This Place” is an EDM-infused pop track that showcases tremendous vocal ability. The raw passion and charisma that David brings to his new single will immediately impress itself upon listeners. The twinkling, trap-threaded backing beat allows for a stark sound to resonate loudly. Catching listeners’ attention, David is able to create a dreamy effort that effortlessly straddles the border between pop superstardom and Weeknd-esque R&B. The breakdown that separates the two segments of This Place allow listeners to take a breather; the gradual increase in the momentum soon after hammers the melodies deep into anyone fortunate enough to listen in. Continue reading “Angelo David “This Place””

Sammi Rae Murciano – “Unpredictable”

Sammi Rae Murciano’s Unpredictable is an alluring R&B track that showcases considerable vocal ability. The backing beat is able to link together R&B, trap, and pop styles in a fashion that provides highlighting at all the right times. Unpredictable works to improve upon the approach of Jordin Sparks and Fifth Harmony. With an ample amount of bass providing a counterpoint to Sammi Rae’s vocals, Unpredictable is able to shift, change, and ultimately keep listeners on the edges of their seat. The message espoused here is something that anyone can appreciate that has ever been in live. Check out the video for Unpredictable below the jump. Continue reading “Sammi Rae Murciano – “Unpredictable””

Justin Roberts ft. Tydu Talbott “Six Figures”

Justin Roberts has just cut a video for his “Six Figures” single. Coming forth with a vocal swagger like no other, Roberts is able to link together punchline rappers with a Lil Yachty meets Migos approach. A minimalistic beat ratchets up the bass and drums, giving Justin’s flow proper punch through the whole of Six Figures. Roberts is able to ratchet up his draped up and dripped out sound to 1, his fiery flow burying its way deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. We’ll be putting this into high rotation at NeuFutur HQ. Continue reading “Justin Roberts ft. Tydu Talbott “Six Figures””

Adrian Conner “Unspeakable”

Adrian Conner’s “Unspeakable” has one of the most fascinating arrangements to open things up. Conner’s vocals stand out boldly from this scintillating, continually-shifting guitar / synth dynamic. On Unspeakable, fans can pick up hints of The Waitresses, Bauhaus and The Bangles. Adopting a hooky chorus (imagine The Go-Gos) with emotional, synth-tinged guitars, Adrian makes for a track that stands out boldly from the pack. The chunky, emphatic bass line provides further highlighting for Adrian’s vocals; this is one cohesive and coherent track that will have fans excited through the rest of the year. Continue reading “Adrian Conner “Unspeakable””

Blue Stone ft. Susan Bodily “Chasing Helium”

Blue Stone’s “Chasing Helium” benefits from the inclusion of the echoing, mysterious vocals of Susan Bodily. A robust musical environment is established during this single that simultaneously calls forth sand dunes and futuristic cityscapes. Touching upon ambient and electronic styles alongside traditional world music genres, Blue Stone is able to update the sound of Elastica and Enigma to the current era. Chasing Helium gradually takes on a bit of mid-1990s alternative to change things up; it is this progress through approaches and styles that keep this cut as fresh as possible. The video for Chasing Helium is below the jump.  Continue reading “Blue Stone ft. Susan Bodily “Chasing Helium””