Flowz Flowetry feat. Chase Inferno – Away

London native Flowz Flowetry has released a new single with Chase Inferno called “Away”. The song has a distinct hip hop, R&B, and reggae blend, Flowz’s vocals are highlighted by the beat and it stays interesting the whole song. The vocals are a mixture of rap and R&B styles and are perfectly matched in the composition.  If I were going to suggest Flowz Flowetry to a fan group; I would say followers of Chris Brown or Trey Songz will like him the most. I look forward to hearing more from him soon! Continue reading “Flowz Flowetry feat. Chase Inferno – Away”

Alex Cuba “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” feat. Josemi Carmona

Alex Cuba has just released a beautiful new single called “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” featuring Josemi Carmona, this song is a great representation of some of the music available currently in the international scene. Alex blends classic Spanish guitar with contemporary and soulful vocals, making for a memorable experience. Continue reading “Alex Cuba “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” feat. Josemi Carmona”

Liquidfive – Dreamers ft. Charlie Coler

Liquidfive’s latest single with Charlie Coler, “Dreamers” is a soft and sentimental testament of love. The vocals are touching and match well with the slow indie rock instrumentation. The different elements of the song perfectly showcase the tone of the lyrical content. This performance is produced with great care and attention. Continue reading “Liquidfive – Dreamers ft. Charlie Coler”

Tritonal – Strangers

Tritonal has shown themselves time and time again to be hit makers in the Electronic Dance genre. Their new single “Strangers” is definitely going to make them top the charts again this summer. “Strangers” is upbeat and poppy with EDM bass, the production is smooth and clear allowing both the music and vocals to shine throughout the song. Continue reading “Tritonal – Strangers”

Justina Valentine feat. M80 – “Crushin on You”

In her new song “Crushin on You”, Justina Valentine shines bright. Accompanied by artist M80, her new song “Crushin on You” is an instant hit for the R&B crowd! This new single amazing, M80 is reminiscent of artist like Fetty Wap or Chris Brown with his smooth voice. Continue reading “Justina Valentine feat. M80 – “Crushin on You””