Brian Fallon and The Crowes, Cory Branan (Columbus, OH)

Brian Fallon and The Crowes visited Columbus, Ohio on January 13th with Cory Branan. Branan hails from Nashville but has just as many roots embedded in rock n’ roll as he does in country which is reflected by the Chicago based record label he is currently on that has worked the who’s  who of punk went country artists. He started the sent off by informing the crowd he had went real hard in Pittsburgh the night before and followed that up by taking a long healthy drink out of his glass which he later informed us was bourbon. Branan’s set included what felt like the best of his discography because one after another they were barn burning hits and his acoustic guitar style is something to be seen. Brian Fallon and The Crowes Wild rock n’ roll show boating played with the amazing beauty and crispness of his acoustic plus the fierce explosion of the man’s stage presence was something I was not ready for but left wanting more. Continue reading “Brian Fallon and The Crowes, Cory Branan (Columbus, OH)”

Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World

Dark Star, for me, was much more than a celebration of this artist’s life but an astounding peek into a tiny corner of his mind and for a moment we were all absorbed as a permanent fixture upon that labyrinths walls. We had the privilege to hear some of the stories that shaped Gigers mind as a child for example when his father gave him a skull at the age of six consequently scaring him with the power of holding death so close, a powerful lesson to learn or grasp at that age. To combat this fear and better understand what he had such little grasp of he tied a string around the skull and dragged it behind him to prove or condition his mind to not fear death anymore. Continue reading “Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World”

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – Straight to Video

Listening to this album was like a nostalgic syringe being shot right into my lower left frontal lobe and I slumped over into a beautiful Columbus lost great shadow. I’m not saying Columbus, Ohio is missing anything short of great musicians but it has been awhile since I have heard a record that hits and cuts so deep. Straight to video is almost perfect from start to finish except for track 3 “Outside my scene” which was oddly enough the only song that was outside of my scene, their was something about it that really didn’t resonate with me. Mostly was the amplified dirty blues scale that was repetitive through out it and the vocals almost seemed unmixed like it was an early track from a previous 7 inch that was put in for filler.

Continue reading “Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – Straight to Video”

Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett – 03/18/2015 – Southern Theatre, Columbus, OH

Started the night off at a local hot dog palace for a few wieners and $1 drafts of PBR before walking the swift 2 blocks to the historic Southern Theatre which is awe inspiring as soon as you make it into the interior. It was damn well maintained history and worth the price of admission alone. Continue reading “Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett – 03/18/2015 – Southern Theatre, Columbus, OH”