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Brian Fallon and The Crowes visited Columbus, Ohio on January 13th with Cory Branan. Branan hails from Nashville but has just as many roots embedded in rock n’ roll as he does in country which is reflected by the Chicago based record label he is currently on that has worked the who’s  who of punk went country artists. He started the sent off by informing the crowd he had went real hard in Pittsburgh the night before and followed that up by taking a long healthy drink out of his glass which he later informed us was bourbon. Branan’s set included what felt like the best of his discography because one after another they were barn burning hits and his acoustic guitar style is something to be seen. Brian Fallon and The Crowes Wild rock n’ roll show boating played with the amazing beauty and crispness of his acoustic plus the fierce explosion of the man’s stage presence was something I was not ready for but left wanting more.


Brian Fallon and The Crowes took the stage next and the crowd was in an uproar, you knew then what really brought everybody to this nearly sold out newport music hall. They played not one  Gaslight Anthem song which was actually quite impressive being as every last individual in the venue wanted them to but was just a testament to Brian Fallon musicianship that they didn’t have to. Every song they played was just as catchy,emotive and full of energy as some of the best of his other band. Brian Fallon has such a commanding presence for being so young and his interaction with the crowd was almost a playful enthusiasm but with a sage like demeanor. He told the crowd at some point during their performance that he doesn’t play encores anymore because you never know what could happen between leaving the stage and coming back. “What if I fell or got smacked upside the head by someone’s bass? Wouldn’t you just want me to play all of my songs now and not leave it up to dumb luck that you may not ever get to hear your favorite song!”


Recommended Further Listening

Cory Branan-

“The Hell You Say” (Madjack Records)

“Mutt” (Bloodshot Records)


Brian Fallon –

Gaslight Anthem

“The ‘59 Sound’ (SideOneDummy Records)

“American Slang” (SideOneDummy Records)


The Horrible Crowes

“Elsie” (SideOneDummy Records)


Brian Fallon and The Crowes

W/ Cory Branan

Newport Music Hall



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