Hooray For Earth – Hooray For Earth (CD)

I’m having a hard time trying to put into words exactly what Hooray For Earth sounds like. I’m completely dumbfounded by their sound it’s a milkshake of forty different sounds in one stretched over twelve tracks. This self-titled has me reaching deep because it really does deserve some recognition. Hooray For Earth take what makes rock and roll so great in its raw form throws in some excellent key board work and some vocals that I can only compare to the great Freddy Mercury and I assume they weren’t even going for Queen here… Continue reading “Hooray For Earth – Hooray For Earth (CD)”

Gossip Girl – Original Music From Gossip Girl Soundtrack (CD)

The CW’s smash hit Gossip Girl based on the best selling young adult novels thirteen track soundtrack is exactly what’d you’d expect. Remember the days of The OC with their mix of relatively unknown artists in the main stream, although Cobra Verde did play on an episode which was cool, well this disc works in the same vein. Featuring giants on the rise The Kooks, The Republic Tigers ( check out my review here: http://neufutur.com/?p=5047) and my personal favorites Crystal Castles. Continue reading “Gossip Girl – Original Music From Gossip Girl Soundtrack (CD)”

Dead Heart Bloom – Oh Mercy (CD)

Dead Heart Bloom once again has rocked my fucking face off with their second EP of three to be released this year by KEI Records. Their first EP Fall In was an epic roller coaster ride of an EP giving us plenty of look into the talent and capabilities of Dead Heart Bloom. Continue reading “Dead Heart Bloom – Oh Mercy (CD)”

Meaghan Smith – The Cricket’s Quartet EP W/DVD (CD)

What happens when you take Jake White, that chick who sings that lovely little diddy about NOT writing you a love song and combine it with some crack you got from Amy Winehouse? Why Meaghan Smith of course! This four song shit pile of an EP even comes with a DVD! Who releases a DVD with their EP are you fucking Metallica? Continue reading “Meaghan Smith – The Cricket’s Quartet EP W/DVD (CD)”

A Caesar Holiday – S/T EP (CD)

With so much noisy, louder than ye bands out there nowadays how can one tell the difference from shit I can make with a loud amp and some pedals? Compared to masterful and intelligently played? Well for one you could take some time out of your day and pick up A Caesar Holiday S/T EP. With six incredible songs slick with emotion and a tempo in each song that leads you far and away. Continue reading “A Caesar Holiday – S/T EP (CD)”

Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)

Everyone has their musical fantasies, those songs you listen to during the nastiest of sexy-times. Well I think that’s what Sergeant had in mind when they recorded their 2006 album Midnight to Midnight. I’ve heard some pretty wacky songs over my short years but this is some straight tie you up beat you and burn you shit. Total SNM debauchery, but all in all the tunes aren’t that bad. Continue reading “Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)”

Exceptional Edward – Lost at Sea (CD)

Come along on this fantastic voyage that Exceptional Edward has prepared for us with their 2008 album Lost at Sea. Exceptional Edwards offers up eleven well played songs for our listening pleasure. It’s soft to the ears for with a very laid back approach throughout. Continue reading “Exceptional Edward – Lost at Sea (CD)”

Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP / The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow – The House of Apples and Eyeballs

Five psychedelic songs, twenty-five minutes and a whole lot to think about afterwards. Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP gives all you could ever ask for with five really weird songs that do all kinds of weird things. I was taken aback by the sheer nuttyness of this album but it does have it’s crazy vibe down to a valid science offering some pretty good tunes…for the most part. Plus, it comes with a really weird poster of a dog riding a horse who looks like a human! Continue reading “Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP / The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow – The House of Apples and Eyeballs”

Michael Zapruder – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope

Anyone who knows me, knows this: I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with bears, such a sucker that later in the month I’ll be getting a panda bear tattoo and no it won’t be a lame punx-roxor one I’m too cool for that. So what does this have to do with Michael Zapruder’s – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope? Well it has some awesome cover art that I want to get a print of and hang on my wall. But sadly, that’s about the only thing that’s awesome about this album. Continue reading “Michael Zapruder – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope”