Stopping by Flying Heart Brewery (Bossier, LA)

We just settled down in the Ark-La-Tex a few weeks ago, and have stopped by a few Bossier/Shreveport breweries. Flying Heart was particularly popping on the weekend, and we decided to settle in and try a few of their efforts. While they had just cashed their Milk Maid Stout, we had a chance to try our their porter, Barrel 52. Pouring with a dark brown to nearly-blackish coloration and little in the way of a head, Barrel 52 was formidable, full of flavor, and stood up to crazy hot temperatures like a champ. Barrel 52 possessed hints of chocolate, coffee, and a good amount of toasted malt; while there was a bit of sweetness to this brew, it was moderated nicely by the bit of bitterness present. By pegging Barrel 52 at a 7.4% ABV, Flying Heart has ensured that the beer has a bit more complex of a flavor profile than many of the 5-6% ABV porters we’ve had over the years. Continue reading “Stopping by Flying Heart Brewery (Bossier, LA)”

5 things to do when you’re stuck on the road

Missed your flight?  Car broken down?  Do you have to spend another 24 or so hours longer in a town you were eager to get out of?  Many of us have been there and it can be a frustrating time waiting longer than planned to depart. Continue reading “5 things to do when you’re stuck on the road”

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

We had our first long, multi-day trips out with our daughter in late August and had a tremendous time while doing so. The Oglebay Resort catered to her every whim while we went to Primanti Brothers down on the Strip. Before we left the area we stopped by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh; the museum is located close to PNC Park and is an easy destination to get to if you are lodging anywhere near the Pittsburgh downtown area. Continue reading “Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh”

Chuck E. Cheese’s (Akron, Ohio)

We were invited to try out the Chuck E. Cheese’s location on West Market Street in Akron, Ohio. Previously I had not been in a Chuck E. Cheese’s location for the better part of 20 years so I was a little unsure of what there was to expect from the pizza-cum-arcade location. Upon arriving we put in our order and picked out a booth for our family. I had thought that Chuck E. Cheese’s was a pizza only establishment but the company has a variety of different wings, sandwiches, and other side dishes that it offers as well. Continue reading “Chuck E. Cheese’s (Akron, Ohio)”

Visiting Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

We had visited a number of Primanti Bros locations in the past, including their stores in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania as well as Youngstown, Ohio and had memorable visits each time. We were lucky enough to be invited to the original Primanti Bros location in Pittsburgh’s Strip District and were quite impressed with the overall experience. When you first go into the location you will be shocked at the overall level of business that is present. Continue reading “Visiting Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh’s Strip District”

Oglebay, a family destination

The Oglebay Resort (Wheeling, West Virginia) has a number of distinct features that will interest all members of the family. Whether there for a night or for an extended stay, visitors will be challenged to exhaust all of the attractions and experiences that the property offers.

The Spa

We were quite impressed with The West Spa at Wilson Lodge, which is able to provide a wide variety of different massages and other activities. We we’re treated to a set of hour-long massages and if we didn’t have our infant with us, would have been able to use the couples room for a tandem rub down. Other treatments, including massage using stones and bamboo sticks, the traditional Swedish massage, and a massage tailored for moms-to-be will go and make one’s stay over at Oglebay absolutely memorable. Rounding out the exhaustive list of treatments available at the West Spa are mud wraps, microdermabrasions, skin peels and nail treatments.

The Food

We also had a chance to try out the baked goods of Oglebay which combine delicate flavors with massive quantities. That meant that there were chocolate chip cookies along with peanut butter striped affairs along with countless other breads and pastries. The coffee selection that is available from the cafe is similarly strong, providing individuals an array of different expressions.

Room Service

We also had some solid room service during our stay at the resort. Our favorite had to be the pizza which had a delicate crust and flavorful toppings. We were a bit unsure of the size but rest assured that a pizza will suffice for somebody that is looking to have a filling dinner. Breakfast plates allow visitors a wide latitude in the breads, meats, and drinks that they receive via room service.


Glassworks Grill

For those that are more adventurous and wish to be treated to a memorable dinner the Glassworks Grill creates a bevy of different food options. The range of appetizers is substantial giving a family a number of distinct options to personalize their meal should they be at the resort for an extended length of time. The charcuterie plate ($14) offers a variety of different meats including bresaola, saucisson, prosciutto and soppressata, while the risotto fritters ($10) are light and airy.

The pepper-basil aioli was fantastic in providing further depth to the plate. The salads ($11-15) balanced greens with meats, nuts, and fruits well. The large amount of trout that is provided as an entree ($28) will ensure that a visitor can bring seconds back to their room, while the Grilled Delmonico ($28) is rich, decadent, and includes a squash blend that brightens the dish.

I had the trout, which was lightly breaded and fried to the optimum level giving a perfect amount of crunch with the tender white fish mouth feel. The amount of different craft beer options that are available from the Glassworks Grill will appease those want something a bit different than macrobreweries can provide. One will be amazed at the depth of Oglebay’s wine stores. Whether it be a Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, the amount of different wineries that have their efforts presented for sale at the Glassworks Grill is substantial. The resort also creates a wide variety of beer and liquor cocktails.

The room

The rooms at the Oglebay Resort are ornately decorated while the suites are perfect to allow for a individual or family to feel that they have enough in the way of space over the course of their trip. We enjoyed the showers,  which had ample space to allow for a good scrub down rather than feeling claustrophobic. The interesting thing about the bathrooms in the suites at the resort was the presence of a garment heater which was perfect to refresh clothing after one goes for a dip in the pool at Oglebay.

The indoor pool was accommodating and well kept up while a fitness room was the perfect way to burn off some of the extra calories that one tends to gain when treated to the food and sweets of the resort. The gift shop had more than just the trinkets that one likely will see whenever they make it to a resort. Having toothbrushes, deodorant, and other amenities available for a non inflated price, this gift shop provides a valuable service. Before one’s trip end, one needs to walk around the premises of the Oglebay Resort to see the lush foliage, deer, and beautifully-maintained golf courses dotted throughout the grounds. The same dedication is present in places like Oglebay’s game room and business center, which are testaments to wood-working. These area elicit a refined sort of cabin feel in the resort.

The attractions

The Good Zoo is a great way to conclude an Oglebay trip. This zoo allows visitors to view a bevy of rare animals as well as get a good workout under their belts. Whether one starts with the indoor section, which showcases monkeys and snakes along with birds and a very detailed model railroad or the outside exhibits which are full of rare animals, the Good Zoo is a must-visit. For example I don’t believe I had ever seen a kangaroo or wallaby in person, nor was I too familiar with the serval cat that had recently been adopted by the zoo. Of course there is a more hands-on sort of feeling to this exhibit then in many zoos. Visitors of all ages will be able to get up nice and close to barnyard animals including llamas and donkeys. For those that want to have a more leisurely trip through the Good Zoo, the C.P. Huntington train travels through the whole of the attraction.


Oglebay has a major focus on golf; while we looked at more of the family aspect of the resort, there is no denying the allure of the links. The Spiedel golf club has two distinct courses, one laid out by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. and a second, newer course created by Arnold Palmer. For those that become peckish after their time on the fairways, the Spiedel Grill is located around the 18th hole of the Jones course.

Concluding Thoughts

The numerous activities that an individual or family can get into means that everybody will be happy from check-in to check-out. The scenic location of Oglebay will immediately draw visitors in as they go up the mountain or sneak down the backroads of West Virginia. Other locations such as the Metropolitan Citi Grill and businesses in Triadelphia, West Virginia further increase the amount of things that one can do while in the area.

Individuals that wish to read through a complete list of Oglebay’s amenities can do so at the main Oglebay domain. Rooms can be booked directly from the website. Up-to-date news is available from the Oglebay Twitter or Facebook profiles.

BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

We had an opportunity to stop at BurgerFi, one of the main tenants that have sprung up by the Giant Eagle Market District in the Cuyahoga Falls neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. We were treated to quick service, large portions, and a hands-on owner that made our experience a delightful one.  Continue reading “BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)”

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

We have operated our health and fitness section at NeuFutur for a number o fyears but have not had a product that is equally able to benefit younger and older members of the family. While a great many strollers make it possible to bring young children on longer or more remote journeys, a number of them require that parents or caretakers have to take a more leisurely pace. Joovy has created a stroller – their ultralight Zoom 360 – that allows one the chance to exercise while bringing their children along. Continue reading “Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller”

A Night at a Mansion: the Glidden House

Long-time readers of NeuFutur will notice that our coverage has changed over the years. We initially began as a music magazine, expanded into movies, and gradually added health and fitness and travel sections in the last few years. The wife and I had our first child, and as a result, the type of material that we covered has changed again. We were invited to a Cleveland institution, the Glidden House, and were impressed at how good service made for any hiccups regarding our children disappear. Continue reading “A Night at a Mansion: the Glidden House”

BiBiBop Asian Grill

We do not nearly make it to Korean restaurants often enough, but I always make it a point to pick up a bowl of bibimbap when we do visit. A new chain – BiBiBop Asian Grill – came to our attention a few months back that seeks to make the dish (and Korean cuisine) more known to the dining public of the Columbus, Ohio area. We were invited to evaluate their Henderson (1836 W. Henderson Rd; Mon-Thu 11am-9pm  Fri-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 11am-7pm) location. While the resulting dishes are pretty different from what one will get at a traditional Korean restaurant, we were pleased at the amount of customization and overall flavor profiles of the bowls that the restaurant offers.BiBiBop Asian Grill

We were a little concerned about the size of the line that we encountered when we stepped into the restaurant, but a capable service staff was on point utilizing a similar assembly-line approach to other fast-casual chains. Visitors can order a bowl, salad, or a roll with a base of sauteed purple potato, black beans, and/or bean sprouts. 13419037_10104358263177684_2552650821114304429_n We chose the spicy chicken and steak options, while BiBiBop Asian Grill also offers chicken and tofu choices for one’s protein. Where the main dish ultimately can vary comes in the number of vegetables and toppings that BiBiBop offers; during our visit, the restaurant offered cucumbers, lettuce, shaved carrots, corn, egg, and cheese.13442376_10104358263052934_8201365556469249871_n

The dish concludes with a drizzle of any of BiBiBop’s sauces, ranging from the traditional teriyaki and yum yum sauce to a spicy sriracha and Korean Red sauce. One can further bolster their experience with BiBiBop’s own kimchi, miso soup, and edamame.13442211_10104358262953134_5173198735649292711_n

Our staffers were most impressed with the size of BiBiBop’s bowls, which dwarfed competing restaurant’s entree offerings. The amount of protein that was in this entree was up to par, while the spicy chicken had a heat level that is virtually unheard of outside of wing joints. The rice was prepared well while the potatoes seemed to be a little extraneous when compared to the rest of the bowl’s constituent elements. 13432201_10154330109869673_624419230784436082_n

We loved the ability to self-administer sauces as BiBiBop; while the initial drizzle was a great start, we could not get enough of the teriyaki sauce. The yum yum sauce was exactly what individuals familiar with the sauce would appreciate, while I found that the spicy sriracha and Korean Red sauces would be appreciated by a wide audience. One area for improvement would be the creation of a truly mouth-burning sauce for the restaurant. Perhaps something along the line of a soy sauce/wasabi blend that could clear one’s sinuses would be a welcome inclusion to the restaurant.13442127_10104358262828384_2258110478837205739_n

BiBiBop Asian Grill’s location and parking were spot-on, with the location that we attended offering a number of distinct post-meal options. The interior of the restaurant was inviting, well-kept, and had a good overall flow. The restaurant is a place that those looking for a healthy meal or for a good overall value can appreciate. The ability to order online and to set a pick-up time is great for those looking to pick up dinner after work.

As of this article, BiBiBop Asian Grill operates 9 restaurants in the Columbus, Ohio area.

BiBiBop Asian Grill / 1836 W. Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio / / /