Coping strategies for dealing with self-consciousness

While there isn’t a quick fix to improve your self-confidence overnight, there are things you can do to  help you become more positive and accepting of yourself over time. If you’re looking for ways to cope with your self-consciousness, keep reading.


Treat the problemAPOFlow


Instead of letting it get the better of you, you could find a treatment to help you tackle the root cause of your self-consciousness. For instance, hair loss is a common worry among men. Although some guys are happy to embrace their receding or thinning hair, other aren’t and losing your locks can be a distressing situation to be in. If you’re not quite ready to accept your fading follicles, you may find comfort in learning that there are various treatments available that could help. For example, Alpecin shampoo is a caffeinated treatment that has been proven to be effective in triggering hair regrowth. If used regularly, this particular product can strengthen the hair roots and reduce the effects of hereditary hair loss. Alpecin is easily accessible from a range of outlets, including most high street chemists and online pharmacies like Lloyds Pharmacy.


Whether it’s your hair or another part of your  body that you’re unhappy with, finding ways to resolve your image woes may be easier than you think. If your skin is causing you concern, you could try adopting a better grooming routine and exfoliate your way to an improved complexion, or if you’re embarrassed by your teeth, you could speak to your dentist about suitable procedures that could help fix the problem.


Talk to someone


If you’re struggling with self-consciousness, the thought of verbalising your feelings may leave you in a cold sweat. However, talking to someone could actually be more helpful than you think. You could start by simply chatting to someone close to you, such as your partner, a family member or a friend. It’s likely that whoever you choose to speak to will be able to see past your insecurities and help you do the same. A discussion like this could also help you put your thoughts and feelings into perspective. If your perception of yourself is starting to affect your daily life, you might benefit from speaking to a professional, such as your GP.


Learn to accept yourself


Although it is much easier said than done, learning to accept yourself for who you are could help you conquer your feelings of self-consciousness. Instead of tormenting yourself over your imperfections, try to focus your attention on areas of yourself that you love. While making changes to your appearance might give your confidence a boost, self-acceptance is what you should aim for if you want to feel happy and satisfied within your own skin.

Coping with feelings of doubt and negativity towards your body and appearance can be tricky. However, taking some of these tips into consideration could help you to feel completely differently about yourself.

Upcoming 2016 Games

Some of you may know that I’ve always been an avid gamer. I play almost any roleplaying game that comes out for the PC. This past year I have played several games like Fallout 4 and Game of Thrones.Fallout_4_cover_art

I really enjoy using my computer to game because I don’t have to deal with the ever upgrading consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. It’s easier to replace items like RAM and video cards than to buy a whole different system.
When I play a video game I look for a few different things. First, topic. I don’t like games that you need a lot of back story to enjoy every game should be self-contained, tutorials should be learn as you go and take less than 10 minutes.

I don’t like games that take a long time to learn the rules. That’s why mobile games that are more casual are easy to play. My favorite mobile games are Candy Crush Saga, Yahtzee, and Pocket Mortys. I also enjoy card games like solitaire and blackjack and sometimes I like to try my luck and have my shoot of adrenaline on sites like Mansion Casino – they have lots of cool stuff on there and you can even play for free in practice mode. You can click here to try it.

I really think that gaming is a good way to relieve stress. Gaming can create another dimension where you can express yourself. For example, video games like Fallout 4 are even adding the ability to customize towns and structures in games combining the traditional RPG with simulation game, for a whole different experience.
2016 brings a New Year and whole new set of games to the table. Right now there are rumors that the Elder Scrolls series will be making another installment due before Christmas.

There is also talks the EA will be releasing the final game in the Mass Effect line, making 4 games in total. We really have a lot of new options coming later this year. One of the other games I’m hoping to another version of is World of Warcraft. When I was in college it was my favorite game. I use it as the gold standard when comparing the features of a new game. It makes it fun and exciting.

Pink Floyd / Grateful Dead Campout (7/17-18, Clay’s Park and Resort)

A special tribute to Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead will take place Friday & Saturday, July 17th & 18th at beautiful Clay’s Park and Resort, located in North Lawrence, Ohio, just outside Canton.  The featured act is WISH YOU WERE HERE, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary!  In addition to Wish You Were Here, five Grateful Dead tribute bands will also perform: Sugar Magnolia, The Jimiller Band, Dead Roses, Dead Ahead Ohio and Local Color.  Continue reading “Pink Floyd / Grateful Dead Campout (7/17-18, Clay’s Park and Resort)”

Ferguson, Missouri Riot Potential

The potential for riots in Ferguson, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) are substantial. The jury has decided on a verdict  in the Darren Wilson case and will be announcing it at 9 PM EST. With tensions running high, the decision has potential to throw St. Louis into disarray. Los Angeles police forces are on a high state of readiness with the anticipation of the court verdict, while the current news headlines coming from Cleveland, Ohio surround the murder of 12 year-old Tamir Rice indicate that passions are running high through the rest of the United States.  Continue reading “Ferguson, Missouri Riot Potential”

Tomás Doncker’s True Groove Records Signs Distribution Deal with The Orchard

Lael BlackDress StairsThe Orchard has been working for a few years to further promote the artists which it distributes. What has been a solid set of signings has exceeded even our expectations when True Groove Records (Tomás Doncker’s label) was picked up for distribution today.


Tomás Doncker just signed an exclusive global distribution and licensing deal with The Orchard for his True Groove Label. Founded in 2011 True Groove was born out of what Tomás saw as a need for a forward thinking artist oriented brand where “music comes first”. True Groove and The Orchard’s partnership will begin immediately with the release of 12 new projects from the label’s elite roster of artists within the first quarter of the 2014.

“We are very excited about True Groove moving forward with the Orchard”, says Doncker. “Both of our companies have a similar approach to the new music business model; vibrant, focused, enterprising and creative. And we are both fearless, innovative and love music. We’re thrilled to present a wide range of groundbreaking artists from young soul diva, Lael Summer, to punk legends? Joe Bowie (Defunkt) and James Chance (Contortions).  We believe our relationship with The Orchard is the best possible opportunity to bring our vision of Global Soul to the world.”

The ethos of the label can be found in a statement from Doncker about his “global soul” movement; “Global Soul: The sound of our collective conscious. The unified rhythm of heart beats creating a positive, spiritually uplifting force
for good. Musically speaking it is not genre specific, but in fact genre inclusive.  It is the best of what we have to offer to each other,from Brooklyn to Ethiopia, and every where in Between.”

The confirmed True Groove release schedule so far includes Kevin Jenkins’Step Inside’ (January 7, 2014), Tomás Doncker Band’s ‘Howlin Wolf EP (January 7, 2014), Lael Summer’s ‘Burden to Bear’ (January 21, 2014), and Marla Mase’s ‘Half-Life’ (February 25, 2014). For updates visit

For more specific information, we have included links to the roster of True Groove Records:

The Tomás Doncker Band:,
Marla Mase:,
Kevin Jenkins:
Lael Summer:,

ANIMATIONS present new video for the song “Dawn The Day Before”

Originating from Jaworzno, Poland – progressive metalcore band Animations has recently released their new video promoting latest, third studio album “Private Ghetto”.
Video for the song “Dawn The Day Before” is available here –
“We chose this song for the next video, because it as a bit different from other “Private Ghetto” stuff – when it comes to both sound and atmosphere. However we honour this one very much – still it’s quite challenging song when played live. We took the shots for this video quite a long time before – in December 2012 – in Theater Of Arts in Jaworzno – one of the most amazing places we ever played”- comment Animations members.
In spring 2013, Animations had finished working on their third album entitled Private Ghetto. The album is available both in regular CD format and digitally through every major digital distributor. In addition, Animations has published full version of the album (‘playthrough’) online on band’s Youtube channel –
“We really want the music from Private Ghetto to hit the ears of our listeners as soon as possible, that’s why we’ve decided to distribute the album digitally.”– Animations members say.
Private Ghetto is the result of over a year’s work in the studio. The band’s first album with Frantz Woloch – the new vocalist, and the first one marking such a dramatic genre shift.
The album contains fourteen tracks, three of which are short instrumental interludes. The tracklist is as follows:
1. Mellah
2. Morality Failed
3. Silence
4. My Private Ghetto
5. Dawn The Day Before
6. We Are…
7. Generation Zero
8. Internal Chaos
9. Crystal Lies
10. Thieves of Dreams
11. Epiphany
12. Mea Culpa?
13. Wrath
14. halleM
Animations have also prepared a trailer for the album that is also a short behind the scenes documentary. It can be viewed here:

How to Workout At Home: Beginners Guide


Starting with a workout routine can be a tough decision, especially if you are unsure about going to the gym. Many people are apprehensive regarding this and want to workout in the confines of their own home. There are many benefits of working out and you shouldn’t let your shyness stop you from doing it. There are home workout plans to help you create a perfect workout routine at home, if you need professional advice.

It is necessary to have your doctor’s permission before you start working out at home. After that, get all the necessary equipment you would need for your at-home workout routine. The exercises that you do at home are of three types and they target different important areas. Although these exercises will help you on a basic level, you might want to invest in some dumbbells and exercise machine as you advance further.

  1. Increasing and Improving your Cardiovascular System – Aerobic exercises are necessary for your cardiovascular system. You must make sure that you allot three days every week for doing aerobics. Do anything you like. It could be a walk for 10 minutes at your favorite park. If you like cycling, then you can just ride your bike. If rope jumping rejuvenates you, then you could do that as well.

It is always great to start with 10 – 15 minutes of aerobic exercises and then slowly increase this time to 30 minutes. Juggle between the activities you like and keep it interesting. Look up workout plans online to find an efficient way of exercising.

  1. Improving the Flexibility of your Body – An improved flexibility in your body would be beneficial to your muscles. It will ensure that you don’t get problems like muscle pulls, injuries and other similar issues when you perform your daily activities. You can do some basic stretching as a warm up. Sit on the floor and stretch out to touch your toes. You can also kneel down on the floor in order to stretch and warm up the muscles of your shoulder and neck.
  2. Increasing your Muscle Strength – As a beginner, you don’t need more than 3 sessions a week for strength building exercises. The things you need are – stability or exercise ball and exercise bands. This is all you need for a full body exercise.

The first day of your strength training would focus on your arms and shoulders. Use your rubber exercise bands to perform bicep curls to build strength in your arm. Also perform some triceps extensions. After that, you need to work on your abdominal muscles by doing sit ups using the exercise ball. The second day should be reserved for plank exercises, lunges and leg abduction exercises to work on the muscles of your leg.

Your abdominal exercises should be done in each session but alternate between working out your leg and arm session wise.

Don’t rush your body too much because you might be susceptible to injuries. Start with aerobic exercises to prepare your body in the first week and then graduate to resistance training after 2 weeks. Do some cardio and stretching at first because you don’t want to stress out your body.

Working out at home can be quite fun if you do it the right way. The results would be there to see for all and you would not regret you decision at all. Just put on your favorite music and go for it!

Steinway Repairing

Steinway Piano Restoration should only be done by those individuals and companies that know what they are doing. In the wrong hands, there is no limit to the damage that someone can do in the restoration of a Steinway. There has to be the knowledge present to take the utmost care and utilize the materials that will last just as long as the rest of the piano. Furthermore, the materials must match and fit properly the piano that is being fixed up. There are a few companies that have been tasked with fixing up old Steinways, and I would strongly behoove you to check out their reliability. Continue reading “Steinway Repairing”