Apricot Sour (Perrin)

Perrin released two new offerings to their sour series, an Apricot Sour and an Amber Saison Sour. After a few months aging in their bottle,w e decided to crack open a bottle of their Apricot Sour. The beer pours with a dark orange coloration and a fair amount of white head that reluctantly dissipates. With the initial and early sips, imbibers will be impressed with the good amount of wheat notes that are presented. This wheat backdrop gives ample highlighting to more acetic, sour and tart notes.  This Apricot Sour has spent 9 months in oak barrels and given its tart lease on life through the inclusion of brett and lactobacillus; the presence of apricots to the mix adds further depth and nuance to the efforts. Continue reading “Apricot Sour (Perrin)”