Cathy Hutch release LP

It’s not the easiest task in the world to balance soft lyrics with loud, unruly guitar driven music, regardless of the general manner in which an artist chooses to deliver their craft. Rock music, country, punk rock, heavy metal, whatever you want to call yourself; the tantalizing equilibrium of music that can move us emotionally as much as it can physically is one that every artist seeks out from the very beginning of their careers. And although she’s no stranger to the road nor the studio, Cathy Hutch has all of the energy of a rookie black and white songwriter embarking on their first full color venture mixed with the poise and indulgent confidence of seasoned veteran on her new album Free Wheelin’. I’m not sure precisely how she’s navigated the cutthroat industry that is Canadian country music as well as she has in the last ten years, but her follow up to 2008’s Not Goin’ Back proves to be well worth the decade long wait in its inimitably kind and heartfelt artistic patchwork. Continue reading “Cathy Hutch release LP”