An interview with Chip Gibbons

I’ve always liked music. When I was a child my mother bought accordion lessons for me and my brothers from a door-to-door salesman. Then my aunt gave us a old upright piano. Each of my parents could play one song on it. I started picking out songs by ear and then I started with classical lessons but I got tired of that after a few years. In college I bought a used Gibson guitar in a pawn shop and taught myself how to play it. I wrote my first song on that. After college where I majored in Biology/Pre-Med I moved from Virginia to San Francisco and started a career in computer programming. I didn’t do much music during this period, but started playing with a keyboard and synth module in the 90’s. I never performed. I just liked improvising and making sounds. Continue reading “An interview with Chip Gibbons”

Chip Gibbons – Billion Dollar Pill CD Review

Chip Gibbons’ Billion Dollar Pill begins with the titular single, which will have listeners focused in to Gibbons’ vocals. While the instrumentation provides a deep and intricate sound to the opening point to the EP, there is much greater gravity to the discussion that is weaved by the vocals. Hints of Warren Zevon, Phil Ochs, and Neil Young can be heard alongside Gibbons’ charismatic voice. A solid production unites these two distinct elements, keeping fans firmly on their seats as they move into Inside a Hole. Inside a Hole has a calm and peaceful demeanor as Chip expresses a sense of loving, longing, and moving on in a fashion that anyone that has been in a similar situation will understand. The near-five minute run time of Inside A Hole is packed with additional twists and turns, as Chip builds off of the rich vocal tradition of John Denver and late seventies / early eighties Billy Joel. Continue reading “Chip Gibbons – Billion Dollar Pill CD Review”