Porter (Green Man Brewery)

The porter style is one that can go so badly so quick and it seems like a great many breweries choose not to even offer a porter as the style proves difficult to do in a proper fashion. Green Man Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina has a porter on their year round offerings, representing one of the better porters that we have reviewed. The beer pours with a brown coloration and a small amount of tannish head that dissipates quickly. A cursory sniff yields hints of sugar, vanilla, and a fair amount of malt. The effervescence is slight but is enough to keep the Green Man Porter refreshing. The 6.0% ABV of this Porter is enough to stave off the sweeter elements that dominate in a great many porters; this balance is enough to push the beer into the heights of the style.Green Man Porter Continue reading “Porter (Green Man Brewery)”