Leo Harmonay – Lharmonic

The third release from Hudson Valley based singer/songwriter Leo Harmonay, LHarmonic, is full of the usual signatures elements in both his performances and songwriter that marks him as a different breed of cat from his contemporaries. The unique confluence of a number of musical influences makes this a potent stew from the beginning, but it also possesses a relaxed musical character and confidence in its writing reflecting his steady growth as a recording artist and performer since his first release. There’s an effective blend of less lyrically ambitious numbers alongside poetic inventions that never bite off more than they chew and convey themselves without ever losing the listeners in a morass of obscure imagery. Harmonay’s vocals, likewise, reflect his blues and jazz influences, but there’s plenty in the music as well that show off his roots quite well. This is a great release for anyone already familiar with Harmonay, but it’s likewise well suited for newcomers. Continue reading “Leo Harmonay – Lharmonic”