A Moment with Liliana Martins

Hello, Liliana. What’s happening musically and culturally in Portugal this time of the year?
– Hello, in the summer we have many theme festivals about pop, rock, soul, jazz, and so on… but also we are starting to have a few festivals dedicated to Fado and traditional Portuguese music. Continue reading “A Moment with Liliana Martins”

Liliana Martins – Corpo-Fado

Liliana Martins begins her Corpo-Fado with Tango de um amor proibido, a composition which is timeless, drawing inspiration from the initial wave of fado singers while creating something that will appease fans of classical, Broadway, and even pop singers like Shakira. The raw passion and ability of Martins here creates something that will resound loudly in fans’ ears long after Corpo-Fado has ceased to play. Há uma voz que me acorda is more moored in the classic fado style, with Martins building off of the foundations of storied fado artists like Mafalda Arnauth and Amália Rodrigues. The deliberate instrumental arrangements provide proper highlighting to Martin’s vocals; the effort gradually rises and swells into a touching sound. Continue reading “Liliana Martins – Corpo-Fado”