Milkies Milk Trays

As is the case with cow’s milk, mother’s milk has a shelf life at refrigerator temperatures. With the volume of the milk produced by a mother that is lactating in excess of what a child can drink, preservation is essential. To decrease the amount of stress that goes into the freezing and reconstituting process, Milkies Milk Trays (a Fairhaven Health product) have been introduced. These trays allow breast milk to be frozen into one-ounce increments in a bar/column shape. This unique shape makes it easy to slide into a bottle without having to chip away or partially melt breast milk that has been frozen in typical ice cube molds. To remove the possibility of crumbs or freezer burn with frozen breast milk, Milkies milk trays come with a second piece of flat plastic that attaches to the top. A grip at the bottom of the tray makes separation of the two parts easy, even when the plastic has been in the freezer for an extended amount of time. The trays are durable while still having enough give to allow the frozen milk to easily be removed. Continue reading “Milkies Milk Trays”