Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale (New Belgium)

New Belgium and Ben and Jerry’s have collaborated to make a delectably sweet and refreshing brown ale. The beer pours with a mahogany red to burnished brown color. There is a small amount of tannish head that remains on the beer for a decent length of time. The thicker mouthfeel of this beer is luxurious, with hints of cocoa and vanilla pointing through at points to cut through more of the sugary elements of the Continue reading “Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale (New Belgium)”

Tour De Fall

Tour De Fall is a refreshing pale all that pours with a lingering white head and an amber/reddish coloration. The nose of Tour De Fall is sweet, sugary, and ends with the slightest hop notes. The initial sip of the Tour De Fall is refreshing and provides the same dichotomy between sweet and hops. I feel that this beer does something for everyone – it has a hop backbone for fans of India Pale Ales, while keeping the beer’s finish sweet in much the same way as an ESB. As the beer warms up, the hops move to the end of each sip, ensuring that imbibers have a refreshed palette for subsequent quaffs. The beer’s 6.0% ABV is sufficient enough to provide warmth during the early days of fall, while the beer does nicely as a thirst quencher. The beers’ complex array of flavors ensures that one could purchase a six pack and enjoy every drop; Tour De Fall has as many twists and turns as there are colors on the ground during the autumn months. Continue reading “Tour De Fall”

New Belgium Gruit

Gruit is an eclectic effort that New Belgium has produced for their Lips of Faith series; the beer pours with a golden color and along-lasting, thick white head. The beer has a peppery and lemony flavor that provides imbibers with a different set of tastes with each subsequent sip. Gruit concludes with a slight hop bite and hints of malt. While the IBU level (3) is incredibly low, the inclusion of the bittering herb gives a fullness to Gruit that will ensure that an individual will be able to complete the beer, no matter where they are at in their session. Continue reading “New Belgium Gruit”