Orange Giant Barleywine Ale (Ecliptic Brewing)

Orange Giant is a limited-run barleywine released by Portland’s Ecliptic Brewery. The effort pours with an orange-red coloration and a small amount of off-white head. The nose has a good amount of piney hops and alcoholic snap to it, while an initial sip knocks one firmly over the head with oily hops (Ecliptic uses Chinook and Nugget varieties) and a warmth that works its way down one’s esophagus. Orange Giant provides one with additional flavors the further they get into the barleywine, with bits of cinnamon and cayenne, dark fruits (prune and fresh plum) and a bit of toasted malt completing the flavor profile. Ecliptic has imbued Orange Giant with a tremendous balance, meaning that the hotness of the initial sips of the beer are countered by the more delicate side of things.Orange Giant Barleywine Ale Continue reading “Orange Giant Barleywine Ale (Ecliptic Brewing)”