Pablo Embon – What Comes Into Play

What Comes Into Play is the latest album by Pablo Embon. Over the course of 13 tracks, Embon is able to provide considerable depth and variety to his listeners. The album begins with Baby Steps, a track that hits upon a number of trends and sounds that will be heard throughout the release. Continue reading “Pablo Embon – What Comes Into Play”

Pablo Embon Sits Down with NeuFutur

Hello, Pablo. What’s happening musically in Israel this December? What sort of plans do you have for the early months of 2017?

“Funky Side of the Road” has been keeping me busy and focused for the last 8 months, just the creation of the album idea took me about two months, but having a lot of fun with it. My usual activities right after releasing an album is to engage myself in specific music learning activities which will assist me in developing and driving a new concept for the next album. This is what I have in mind within the next few months. The same process happened earlier on before this album, during which I had explored new areas in Jazz Fusion and Funk Music genres to support the production. Continue reading “Pablo Embon Sits Down with NeuFutur”