A Night with The Scorpions (5/7/2016, Atlanta, GA)

From my first steps into Chastain Park Amphitheatre I knew right away this was by far the coolest venue I have ever been to for a concert. The amphitheater was located within Chastain Park which is the largest city park in Atlanta. The band shell was set at the bottom of a sloped hill and the outdoor bleacher style seating extended upwards to where the whole venue is nicely tucked into its own little bowl and the sound would perfectly reverberate off of the curved slope. Tables were set up in the pit and lower part of the orchestra section as this venue allows guests to bring in their own food and beverage and many of the locals we saw had elaborate setups with prepared trays of food, tablecloths, candles and coolers full of whatever they wished. Continue reading “A Night with The Scorpions (5/7/2016, Atlanta, GA)”

Scorpions and Queensryche Set To Rock Cleveland Tomorrow, 9/23

The timeless Scorpions are celebrating their 50th anniversary as a band and have been performing throughout the United States in a blaze of hard rock, pulling out classics and deep cuts alike for their World Tour. This 50th Anniversary tour hits up the Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow night at 7:30 PM. Queensryche will also be performing at the concert, ensuring that anyone attempting will be rocked for a solid three hour block. The weather in Cleveland tomorrow is going to be beautiful with a high of 75; a brisk wind will be much appreciated in the semi-enclosed pavilion. Continue reading “Scorpions and Queensryche Set To Rock Cleveland Tomorrow, 9/23”