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Blue Man Group – How To Be A Megastar / 2008 Rhino / 40 Tracks / / /

I really had no clue that the Blue Man Group had been around for over 20 years. This album “How To Be A Megastar” provides individuals with an audio and video component that captures quite different sections and facets of the Blue Man Group’s inimitable style. Both segments were, as individuals may be able to tell, taken from the Blue Man Group’s 2006-2007 “How To Be A Rockstar” tour. The amount of value that is present during this CD/DVD set is amazing; aside from providing purchasers with a video and audio version of a concert, the Blue Man Group have added a number of fun and interesting things to the DVD portion of the disc.

This means that individuals can see the video for “I Feel Love” as well as “Inside The Tube”, a documentary that really gets into the minds and hearts of the Blue Man Group in a way that will provide individuals with more than enough context for the action that took place during this tour. The parody – “Mono Makes A Plea” – is interesting in the sense that the Blue Man Group loves its reductios ad absurdum, while the entire package is excellent practice for the act’s life show. For individuals that are not really familiar with the show and haven’t bought this album, it is what the title says – how to be a megastar – and the tour has continued to continue, albeit with a few added and deleted things. For those individuals that may not have the money or time to go see a Blue Man Group show live, this CD/DVD set will be the perfect purchase or gift.

Of particular note on this set would have to be the compositions “Rock Manual Infomercial” and “The Complex”. However strong these tracks are, one just has to keep in mind that the rest of the tracks are close behind them – there is not a weak track to be found on this set. So, if you are a fan of Blue Man Group, pick up this set. If you are looking to get into Blue Man Group or just to see what they are all about, this would be a great purchase. Keep an ear to the ground, because the chances are good that they will be coming somewhere close to you in the months and years to come.

Top Tracks: Rock Manual Infomercial, The Complex

Rating: 7.4/10

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