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Martians See Red – When All Seems Lost / 2007 Self / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 24 June 2007

“Watercolor” is the first track on “When All Seems Lost”, and it blends together a number of disparate influences. This song links together The Beatles, Blink 182, Husker Du, The Replacements, and early Foo Fighters to make a radio-friendly rock track with teeth. For an introduction to the band, Martians See Red could not do any better. The track is sufficiently short so that the terse statements created by the band will not sound hackneyed in the later stage of the disc. “Channeling Aero” changes up the influences first put forth by Martians See Red on “Watercolor”, in that the deep end of the track is much more brooding and intricate. While the band still has the poppy, Weezer or Blink 182-like approach to the vocals, the bass and drums during the track are closer to a Tool or a System of a Down. “Channeling Aero” may not be as immediately ready for rock radio, but it does represent another strong track by Martians See Red.

“Lost” shows a shift in the band’s style. This means that the band takes on Radiohead in regard to the opening arrangements. It is true that “Lost” is another track that is done in the style put forth by Martians See Red, but there is a substantive change in the underlying arrangements present in the track. Of the tracks on “When All Seems Lost”, “Lost” is the most contemplative and difficult. The track is strong, but individuals need to dissect it more than previous tracks. Martians See Red were intelligent in placing this track after the first two tracks on the disc, as individuals will already be inculcated to the ways and styles of the band before being asked to consider “Lost”.

“Everything Is Falling Into Place” is another shift in Martian See Red’s style, in that there is a slower tempo present throughout the track. The influences that were used to create the track are not different than they are in other tracks, but the band decides to go on this other path. The allure of Martians See Red to me is this desire to shift styles and approach other genres or tempos. By doing this, the band stays fresh throughout the entirety of “When All Seems Lost”, and makes me want to hear what they can do on subsequent albums. Top this off with tremendous skill, especially present during this sizzling guitar work on “The Drunk’s Awake”, and individuals simply have to pick up this EP.

Top Track: Lost

Rating: 7.3/10

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