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A Shoreline Dream – Coastal / 2007 Latenight Weeknight / 4 Tracks / /

The slightly electronic feel of “Ukraine” starts off “Coastal”. A Shoreline Dream make a play for the Smashing Pumpkins meets Morrissey set with this track, but comes at it in a very unique way. The vocals are present and do have a focal point during this track, but the instrumentation seems to be the thing that is most direct in setting up the overall sound of the track. The band gets pretty noisy when it gets to the chorus, which seems to be the biggest hurdle that individuals will face trying to get into this act. Luckily, this “wall of sound” quickly dissipates and the band moves back into the style that started out “Coastal”. This disaffected sound may be off-setting for some, but there seems to be an emotion present in the vocals during “Coastal” that was never present during a New Order or Depeche Mode album. A Shoreline Dream has continued with many of the same sounds and influences that gave “Avoiding The Consequences” its’ unique flair.

There is still the same building up of sounds and instrumentation present during “The Barrier” as was present throughout their last album. What does seem to be a break for A Shoreline Dream is the inclusion of a set of noise / Hydra Head influences, all while sprinkling in hints of acts like Jane’s Addiction. While the arrangements may be a little hard to get into at times, A Shoreline Dream imbue every note of “Coastal” with a heavy sense of emotion. The band stops off at “Coastal” and makes an EP that will both pique interest in “Avoiding The Consequences” and the LP that is undoubtedly coming from the band in the months to come. The band may never receive play on a popular radio station, but they provide listeners with music that will stick with fans long after the album ends.

Top Track: The Barrier

Rating: 6.8/10

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