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Bittersweet Dream / $? / :45 / 28M / /
Bittersweet Dream; I have no clue where I found you, but I am glad I found you. This is a zine that is a communal project, more so than most other small-market magazines. There are poems, cartoons, and ideas for how to create revolution, all contained within 28 pages. There is simply something for everyone here. I may not be a fan of poetry, but there are humorous comic strips present (that are pointed and do make a reader think). There is a good blend of pictures, cartoons, and differing fonts to keep individuals interested throughout. The description of life presented during “My Current World View” shows the beauty of the world when nature takes over, while “Utopia Tactics” is perhaps the best piece of the magazine. Obviously, the editors at BSD agree as it is both the longest piece and is centrally located in the issue. The issue does provide readers with ideas and has a high re-read value, but even if individuals are done with the issue, simply giving it off to a friend is probably what the editors here wish. Go to their website, , as well; there are books and other materials present that educate and inform while at times being humorous and interesting on their own (in the sense that some tracts and books are unnecessarily dry). Email the address above and ask for a copy; this is perhaps one of the best balanced and full reads that I have had a chance to read.
Rating: 7.7/10

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