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Dead Town Revival – Hasta La Muerte / 2007 Sinister Muse / 11 Tracks / /

Before receiving “Hasta La Muerte”, I never had heard of Dead Town Revival. The band plays a brand of rock that is very influenced by punk music. The first track of the disc is “Waco”, and what really distinguishes the act from the rest of the bands releasing CDs now has to be the energetic tempo and distinctive vocals present during the disc. Couple that with a set of guitars that during “Waco” have a decidedly Offspring-like sound, and one has a solid opening. However catchy Dead Town Revival were doing “Waco”, they increase their catchiness with “Time”.

This is due to a continued focus on the catchy vocals that started on the disc, but bring something new to the table with the driving vocals and Lars Fredericksen-like set of vocals that throw in at points during the disc. The band takes on more of a streetpunk like sheen to “Time”, and while the songs sound similar the band varies them enough to keep a high momentum. “Johnny” is the next track on the disc, and it gives the band a more rock style than has been the case with the first few tracks. Regardless, the energy that Dead Town Revival has is still amazing, the choruses are as catchy as those that Pennywise committed to disc all those years ago, and the instrumentation is punchy and rocking throughout. The harmony takes a whole other level with “Hail to the Chief”.

The band approaches the sonic assault of Bad Religion at times during their “Hasta La Muerte”, and while the overall sound is different, the same fuck-you attitude is present in both bands.  Unlike most punk and punk-rock bands on the market, Dead Town Revival are able to go and stretch out their compositions to include over a half hour of music. Couple that with their unique ability to imbue each track with a high replay value, and Dead Town Revival is the next band that individuals should stand up and take notice of. Individuals will be able to learn about the band with positive reviews such as this one, the band will further revise and renovate their sound, and things should even be more impressive by the time they release a few more albums. Give Dead Town Revival a listen or three whenever one can find their disc, and if the listener is a fan of punchy rock music, they will be able to catch a great band that is currently on the rise.

Top Tracks: Spawn, Silence

Rating: 7.1/10

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