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DeVotchKa, has signed an exclusive deal with ANTI RECORDS for the European release of their much-praised album How It Ends.


DeVotchKa are four musicians who have quietly become one of the most celebrated bands making music today. They make a disparate, yet articulate union of Eastern European, Southwestern, South American, and American roots music, both punk and folk.


LA Weekly described their music as “the unexplored sweet spot between The Arcade Fire’s bleary string-streaked indie-folk and Gogol Bordello’s Eastern European Gypsy-punk.” New York Times called them “the most musically versatile band of the Gypsy-punk trendlet of the last few years. “NPR’s All Things Considered has said DeVotchKa “is everything music should be…”


Years of touring with like minded peers including Belle and Sebastian, Calexico, M.Ward, and Gogol Bordello have led to the band’s own sell out performances in theatres across the United States. DeVotchKa’s live performances are considered transcendent- with audience members dancing and crying, sometimes in the space of a single song.


It has been a long journey that began in 2004, in the Arizona desert, when we recorded How it ends. We were completely independent so we had to rely on word of mouth for years and years. We always dreamed of getting our music out of the U.S. but we haven’t had a chance until now…it is three years late but the music has not changed.  I think it is the album we will always be remembered for”   – commented Nick Urata (vocals, theremin, guitars, piano, and trumpet) about the album.


Already riding high on word of mouth and constant touring, DeVotchKa’s breakout came with the movie Little Miss Sunshine (2006 multiple Academy Award winner). The band composed and performed the majority of the score and songs on the movies’ soundtrack which was also nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack. Two of the songs featured on this soundtrack, “You Love Me” and “How It Ends,” are on the “How It Ends” album.


European enhanced version of How it ends will include an animated video for the Vengo! Vengo! (a song from DeVotchKa’s previous album “Una Volta”) and will be available throughout Europe on August 6th.


Recording since 1999, DeVotchKa has self-released three records (Supermelodrama, Una Volta, How it ends) and toured relentlessly. Word of mouth caught up with the band around the critically hailed ‘How it ends’ which brought national attention in 2004. The band issued the covers EP ‘Curse Your Little Heart’ on Ace Fu Records in 2006. The band is currently in the studio reading the full-length follow up to How it ends which expects a worldwide release in early 2008.

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