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Lacona – 35/half of 70 / 2007 Self / 2 Tracks / /


The style of indie rock that Lacona plays is very influenced by the goth style that was largest in the earliest days of the nineties. An emotive set of vocals goes in and other key as the instrumentation creates a very dark and dingy backdrop for the aforementioned vocals. The vocals move in and out of multiple layers. The percussion during this track is not consistent enough to make a driving track, so the efforts forth and backwards make for a song that is unsure of where to go next. Lacona moves into some semblance of a cohesive sound towards the end of the track, but this is fleeting and it is soon after that the band moves back to the sound that started the disc. The second track on “35/half of 70” is “Stuck Up”, and during this track Lacona provides listeners with a more rooty and coherent track. It is the B-side to this CD that really showcases Lacona as an act that should be checked out. The band is still able to use a vast array of styles, but it does not feel this time that the band is weakly trying to reach out to their fans. The tracks are interesting, but I really would like more material before I reach my decision about the band.

Top Track: Stuck Up

Rating: 5.5/10

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