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Patchwork – Work and Worry / 2007 Self / 6 Tracks / /

It seems as if less and less truly independent bands are sending me their material for review. As the magazine has grown, fewer and fewer unsigned acts find their way into a review. I have no clue why that is, as NeuFutur reviews everything that we receive, but it is always nice to hear a band like Patchwork, that does not have anything in the way of a link to other labels. The EP starts off with “Blue, Black and Green’, and the band plays a very interesting brand of alternative rock that links together mid nineties emo with a They Might Be Giants type of alternative. What results is something that is simplistic yet catchy, and will lend itself quite well to repeated listenings.

The apathetic vocals that are present on “Blue, Black and Green” would seem to be a drag on the band, but the instrumentation is done in such a way to match well the overall sound of the vocals. “A Ok” is the second track on the disc, and it seems as if the vocals take a much more interested role in the creation of Patchwork’s overall sound. The same sort of simple yet beautiful arrangements of the constituent instruments give the track cohesion and the band another strong effort. While the instrumentation weaves itself into a comfortable bed for the vocals, the vocals themselves step it to the next level and represent what is the most memorable thing about Patchwork at this point of the EP. 

The band seems to go a little bit on hard straits with their “Fallout Shelter Signs”. The same strong harmonies are present with the vocals on the track, but the instrumentation is a mite too Spartan to keep individuals interested in what the band is trying to do. If there was a quicker tempo or a little bit more filling the large open spots where the vocals are not present, “Fallout Shelter Signs” would be a stronger track. The band comes back well with “Laura Lee”, as Patchwork assumes the mantle of a band like The Beatles, even down to the very deliberate type of arrangements and slightly nasal style of that seminal band. Patchwork has some talent but it is lost at points during their “Work and Worry” EP; hopefully the band will release an LP that works through a number of these problems and shows the ability that I know that they have.

Top Track: Laura Lee

Rating: 5.0/10

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