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This interview was conducted by JMcQ with Bryce, the mastermind behind The Rocket Summer. Check TRS on the road this summer, and pick up their new album “Do You Feel” tomorrow.

What are your overall goals for The Rocket Summer? Do you feel that you have accomplished these goals?

– I want to create music that I love and that brings Hope and inspiration. As far as wondering If I have accomplished that, I have brief moments where I think I have but wanting to do more is something that will never end. 

What influences or factors play into the creation of your unique sound?

Besides how I write songs (melody and lyrics) I definitely have certain things that I notice I do with pianos and guitars but it’s hard for me to even explain. My fingers know what I’m talking about I guess. Ha.

Similarly, how do you feel that this sound has evolved or changed since your “Hello, Good Friend”?

– I think it sounds way bigger. I recorded tons of guitars and I added lots of little things on lots of instruments that you can’t really hear but are there helping craft the sound. As far as the lyrics, I always write about what I’m going through. I try to be more literal with my lyrics. I think being vague is cool to an extent, but for me I want people to know what I’m saying and get inspiration from that.

How is being at Island Records different than being at The Militia Group?

– It’s just a different machine. It’s what you would expect, its basically like going from the minor leagues to the Major leagues in terms of what they can offer, all of their outlets. There are no guarantees if this will blow up, but there are definitely more records in stores.

A few years back, you were the up and comer that everyone should listen to (NeuFutur readers should know, since your last album is STILL the highest-rated out of 2,300 CD reviews). While more individuals should definitely pick up “Do You Feel”, who do you think are intrepid or impressive new acts now?

– I love the damnwells. I love sincere altcountry and they do it best.

What was the most moving or humorous tour experience that you have had?

There are moments on tour when you realize how big God is and how music can change things. I’ve had days where people will spill their hearts to me about a friend or sibling passing away and how somehow the music helped them through that. I’ve been through hard times myself and know what its like to be pulled out of a sinking ship essentially, so theres nothing more moving than when someone tells you your music has affected them.

If individuals want to see you live in the next few months, where should they go?

-Our shows are pretty awesome. Haha.

Do you have anything else to say to the readers of NeuFutur Print / ?

– Thank you so much for interviewing me!

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