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V/A – Chakras: From Brazil To Berlin / 2007 Azul / 25 Tracks / /

This double disc has a very interesting purpose in mind. There is a unification of the more tribal styles of Brazilian spirit music with the functionalist and inorganic sounds of Germany. What would normally sputter out and fail to succeed is whipped into a solid two-disc mix by Miguel Reis, DJ Chris Wood and DJ Toni Rios. I can’t say that I am familiar with any of the artists that have their tracks used during this set, but there seems to be a high level of quality present on both of the discs. Obviously, each disc is intended to be a composition on its’ own, so it’s not only the work of the artists that originally did the songs but also the creator of these mixes.

Threads ebb and flow throughout both of these albums, and while the tracks were all created independently of each other, Miguel Reis on the first disc and DJs Chris Wood and Toni Rios on the second disc make a case for the tracks working together as if they were. The overall idea of the Chakras compilation is brilliant; stick together the odd couple of dance scenes and see how they work out. Hopefully the success of the tracks on this album will be enough to create more “odd couple” pairings, such as perhaps Paris dance music with Australian aboriginal music, or something along that vein.

Even if the overall mixes are not the best taken as a whole, individuals can still break about these compilations and find a number of solid tracks that can then lead to finding EPs and full lengths by these bands. With 25 different acts on “Chakras”, chances are good that individuals can find two or three acts that will mesh with their likes and dislikes. Hopefully more individuals catch wind of “Chakras”, for two reasons. First off, it would give individuals more inspiration for experimentation with dance music. Secondly, and more importantly, it would give bands that may only be popular in their land of origin a chance to make it big. “Chakras” may not be what everyone likes in terms of music, but individuals have to give kudos to the organizers of this double disc, for doing something that has not been done to my knowledge. Here’s to hoping that there will be more volumes of “Chakras” in the near future. Pick it up or special order it if you must.

Top Tracks: Triptico – Gotan Project / Vertigo – Booka Shade

Rating: 7.6/10

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