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A live interview with one of the kids of Last Tears, that was conducted on May 28, at Cool and Phat, after their rocking set. Here it is.

James McQuiston-When was Last Tears formed?

Last Tears-1998

JM-How many times has the personnel change in Last Tears?


JM-How old is everyone?

LT- Around 18

JM- Who is in the band?

LT-Mark, Eliot, and Gabes.

JM-What bands have you toured with?

LT-Common Ground

JM-What magazines do you like?

LT-Suburban Voice

JM-Are you sXe or Normal?


JM-What is your racial orientation?

LT-Anti Racist.

LT- Well, I gotta go, because the other guys are getting tattoos done down in Newark.

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