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Slug #222 / Free / 68M / /

I hate reviewing zines out of order, but I try to review everything that I receive and I just happened to find this issue of Slug sitting around the apartment. Much of this is what one should expect from slug (e.g. a number of different advertisements and articles about Salt Lake City / Utah bands and stores). However, there are some pieces that deserve further coverage. The first of these pieces would have to be “Roller Derby”, which showcases the resurgence of female roller derby leagues in the state of Utah./ While the piece does not really give as much time as perhaps it should about the history of the sport, showcasing the individuals that are present in the sport currently is a nice first step to garnering publicity. The European tour journal written by Uzi and Ari (don’t worry, I was not familiar with them either) showcases the similarities and slight differences that are present between American and European ravel, all while interjecting humor into an interesting narrative. Even though I do not skate, the “skate product review” (done by Adam Dorobiala) is an interesting discussion of some of the newest goods available for those individuals that call themselves skaters. The reviews are as always detailed and terse, and individuals should feel that they have spent their hour or two well reading this latest issue of Slug.

Rating: 6.0/10

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