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Hello Skye. Can you give us a quick overview of who you are and what type of music you create?

Hi! I’m a singer/songwriter from New York. I’m also a student at Wesleyan University. I balance my life between school and singing. The music that I play is kind of a rock infused version of the girl singer/songwriter genre.

How did you first get into the creative side of music?

I always used to write poems and stories when I was little. Singing was separate from that. Then at around 14, I just started putting the two together. I decided to learn the guitar shortly after that, and my songwriting just clicked after I could start writing with the guitar.

“Good Boys Don’t” is your latest release; our own magazine reviewed your release this year, and felt that it was a diverse collection of influences and style. What groups or individuals would you say are your biggest influences, and have these influences changed in any way since the creation of “Good Boys Don’t”.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Ben Harper. Bob Dylan, Acceptance, Ben Kweller, Saves the Day, and Keane are some other artists that I listen to a lot. People with a real gift for songwriting who seem to have made their own way through hard work are usually the musicians that I look up to the most. I wouldn’t say that my influences have changed since the CD, but the songs that I’ve been writing lately are more sophisticated musically.

Beyond your influences, what type of events, individuals, or other triggers fuel your creative process?

My creative process is usually fueled by emotional times in my life. The songs on Good Boys Don’t are mostly a reaction to a time that I was very upset. After getting through that, I’m starting to move on into a new genre of writing. I’m finding myself writing story songs, or rather songs with a definite plot line that aren’t at all about me. I’m also writing happy songs, which is a new thing for me.

So, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences has released their Grammy lists for the year. You’ve been nominated for three different awards (Record of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Female Pop Performance)? When you started out creating music, did you ever think that you would be nominated for such an honor?

I honestly never even considered it. I’ve always just told myself to work really hard, keep writing, play shows, and see what happens. Sometimes that work hard, believe in yourself attitude is hard to keep up when things seem to be going a little slowly. When something like this happens though, your whole life flips around. I was just in shock for a couple of days. I’m so excited about this opportunity and what I can do with it. It’s just such a huge validation for me.

Since 2007 is rapidly coming to a close, what should individuals expect from you in 2008?

I expect to begin recording a few new songs in a kind of stripped, down acoustic version around Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to start getting my songs on to TV soundtracks. I’ll also be shopping around for a new producer. I’d really like to do a full length. I have more than enough material. I just want to make sure that I find someone with a sound that really melds with mine. I really want to tour this summer.

How do individuals get in contact with you? Are there any tours, live dates, or other events coming up that individuals can catch a glimpse of Skye?

As of now I have a show on December 6th at The Bitter End in NYC. I usually play about a show a month during the school semester, and then about one a week during the summer/vacation months. You can find more info about shows and events at You can get in contact with me at [email protected].

What goals do you still have left to accomplish in your career?

So many. I want to sell a million copies of a CD. I want to have my songs on major soundtracks. I want to break the top 100 on the pop charts. I want to be on the radio. I want to make a music video. I want to tour in Europe. I want to do a thousand different things. This grammy nod is great start!

Do you have any final words to say to the readership of NeuFutur Magazine and ?

I hope you like my music! Come check out a show sometime or friend me on myspace.

Thanks to Skye for giving NeuFutur / this opportunity. Please check out her Myspace at or buy a copy of “Good Boys Don’t” at .

Specific Grammy Information About Skye:

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee has placed Skye on the Official Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards in the following categories:

Category 1 – Record of the Year

Skye – Hope It Helps

Award goes to Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mixer:

Skye, Aaron Nevezie and John Davis

Ballot Entry # 541

Category 5 – Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Skye – Hope It Helps Award goes to Artist: Skye Ballot Entry # 137

Category 11 – Best Pop Vocal Album

Skye – Good Boys Don’t

Award goes to Artist:

Skye Ballot Entry # 207

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