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Music Video Distributors has been around since 1986, when it was founded by Tom Seaman, who had floated around the music industry for years before that. In the twenty-plus years since the company was founded, they have rapidly become one of the most premiere companies in producing and distributing band videos. 2006 saw the company grow even further, as MVD opened up a record label of sorts, making available albums that are out of print, rare, or previously only were available in foreign countries. The culmination of the MVD Audio segment of the company is the working arrangement that MVD has with a number of solid foreign record labels. Inakustik Records is a company that keeps in print some rare and hard to find jazz albums from the eighties on, while Metal Mind Productions works to keep the spirit of metal alive through the reissuing of albums that major metal labels have little use for.

 The exact number of videos that MVD has produced or otherwise worked with since 1986 is countless, but in the period since 1999, they have dealt with over 500 titles. A quick look at the titles that MVD is promoting in some sense shows a focus on the cream of the crop of a number of different genres: Bob Mould, TV Party, Lee Greenwood, Bing Crosby, and Nick Drake all have had or are going to have DVDs come out with the MVD stamp of approval present. The true beauty of MVD is hard to gauge. Before companies like MVD existed, it was a duty of the band and their management to ensure that videos made it into the hands of their fans. With MVD, this duty is simply not present. A wider audience is available to buy these DVDs. This translates into more of the way of sales, as MVD works with music stores, both big and small, to stock the latest MVD releases.

MVD could single-handedly stop the tendency of out of print band music videos to reach over $100 on eBay and other markets. They have literally thousands of videos still left to re-release, but I am confident that as they get more and more followers, that the number of DVDs released by MVD will only increase. Go to MVD’s website – <A href=”“></a> – and see if there are any acts or DVDs that catch your eye. If there are not, suggest some artists or titles, and maybe (just maybe) MVD will take your request into consideration.

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