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Go Metric #19 / $2 / 1:00 / 88M / 801 Eagles Ridge Rd, Brewster, NY 10509 / / 

The zine provided me with some real problems when I tried to crack it open for the first time; the massive amount of windows system font-generated text really put me off. However, after the first piece (the typical letter by the editor), the quality of material really begins to take off. This issue has a large focus on music, starting off with a piece about the re-releasing of Bobby Darin albums (which I had actually no clue about, because it is Bobby Darin, and as such I can’t tell exactly if the piece is serious). Right after that, the un-credited “More Angels than a Buckminsterfullerene” has a few fixes for the ailing wrestling industry, done in the way of high comedy (think a text version of Something Awful or X-Entertainment). The opening section, chock-full of these list-heavy pieces, gradually gives way to the tremendously long interviews that compromise the greatest volume of this zine. Some of the interviews do have enough humor injected in them to make individuals actually want to read the rest of the piece (for example, the Bananas interview) but by and large, the pieces are too long and drag a little too long to maintain much relevancy (such as The Catholic Boys interview). Pieces like the “dialogue” concerning the worst album of 2004, “Smile” are much less critical than they could be, while “The Go Metric Guide to New Taxes” just strikes out. The zine ends quietly with a number of movie and CD reviews, and to be true, the content is much more hit than miss.

Rating: 5.9/10

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