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The zinester that does this work is simply great. He is an adorable boy, but enough of that. The magazine is a salmon pink, and the magazine is not focused at all. This is a good thing, as even if a piece does not have its intended effect on a reader, the next piece isn t related at all, and the person has a better chance to like it. Strong pieces in this magazine are “cutting a deal”, which details the editors problem with cutting, and “Why I love Kelly Osbourne”, which is so great because it unearths a viewpoint on Kelly Osbourne that many would find almost humorous. The writer of that aforementioned piece defends her viewpoint so well that the piece is completely a success. I just get more and more interested with the zines that people just beginning high school make, as I get older and older and more away from the high school mentalities. However, Things You Never Said has a sort of maturity about it that many other zines, even by people my age, do not have. Get this from [email protected]

Rating: 6.5/10

Things You Never Said #1

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