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The titular track for “Die In June” is a track that immediately creates a very detailed and dense instrumental arrangement that incorporates a number of distinct styles in the time before the vocals kick in. When the vocals do start up, individuals will hear a bit of dark rock that has hints of HIM and Stabbing Westward present. The driving guitars provide the perfect backdrop for the vocals to properly shine off of; Peel has that radio friendly sound that will ensure that each of the four cuts on “Die In June” will gain rotation on rock radio stations worldwide.

“Unheard” starts off with both instrumental and vocals parts of the band active, making for a track that has a fundamentally different sound than “Die In June” did. It is during “Unheard” that Peel take on a Placebo type of sound, albeit with a much heavier low end than the aforementioned act. The vocals are created with enough care to ensure that they will nestle themselves deep into the minds of anyone listening in to “Die In June”. “Second Man On The Moon” changes the style of what Peel puts forth in much the same way that “Unheard” did vis-à-vis “Die In June”. While there may be a more industrial feel to “Second Man On The Moon”, the vocals have an emotional intensity to them that push on influences such as Incubus, Dishwalla, and even (at the periphery) the Counting Crows.

The final track on “Die In June” is “(Falling From) Grace”, a track that goes back into a sound that is similar to that on “Die In June”. The fundamental difference that this track has over “Die In June” is that there is a little funkiness to the instrumentation that make it into the catchiest of all the “Die In June” track. The vocals (backed up by the rest of the band during the chorus) lead into an absolutely intense instrumental arrangement. These different sections make “(Falling From) Grace” into a track that showcases all of the unique pieces and parts of Peel, and it is this quality that should provide listeners with the best evidence for picking up any of the band’s future releases, or buying a ticket whenever they can make it to your neck of the woods.

Top Track: (Falling From) Grace

Rating: 8.6/10

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