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As someone who has kept up with the band since the days of “Swing Swing”, the intro to this song leaves me shocked that I am hearing The All-American Rejects. The opening and bouncy beat definitely channel Smash Mouth, when upon further research I discovered this song was produced by Eric Valentine, who also produced some Smash Mouth singles.
Minus the distinct vocals I have come to count on from Tyson Ritter, this song doesn’t give me the same vibe as any of their previous works. “Gives You Hell” is absolutely a way more pop, radio-savvy song than some of the heavier ballad type songs we were given on Move Along. The lyrics are witty and way brasher than any other song from someone with a “Paper Heart”. The crowd yelling along at the end truly seals the deal for me in believing that this song will glide effortlessly onto the radio with feverish reception.

Jam Shawna

Rating: 6.4/10

The All-American Rejects (from When the World Comes Down) “Gives You Hell” / 2008 Universal / /

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