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Cassettes Won’t Listen has a new blog that will be appearing on MTV2’s
Subterranean at  It’s going to offer advice to
musicians about the DIY ethic.  Both in his role as an artist and at his
day job as Director of Marketing at Def Jux (whose mantra, Independent as
Fuck, rang with a sharp clang upon its launch near the beginning of this
decade), Cassettes Won’t Listen (a/k/a Jason Drake) has a lot of
experience on how to accomplish one’s goals individually on a slim-line
budget.  The blog will be a mixture of advice, interviews and a “Dear CWL”

In addition, the Sunday Mensah-directed video of “Freeze and Explode” will
appear on MTV2 this Thursday, November 6th.  It follows the break-up of
two news co-anchors live on the air.  Set in 1981, Jason Drake is featured
in all the male roles as lead anchor, sportscaster and weatherman.  This
humorous send-up is a bright contrast to melancholy of “Freeze and

“Freeze and Explode” can be found on Cassettes Won’t Listen’s EP
“Small-Time Machine”, available digitally and at fine independent
retailers everywhere.

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