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Listeners will likely first be exposed to Faces of March when the first track on “Confessions”, “Who’s To Blame”, kicks in. That is a good thing, because this track will immediately establish the act as one of the premiere rock acts of 2008. “Who’s To Blame” has the same emotional intensity of a Skillet or Evanescence, while the female vocals that will immediately hit listeners go beyond those artists, even approaching that of a Pink. “Turn Around” is the second track on “Confessions”, and it brings the rock in a way that simply was not present during “Who’s To Blame”. The blending of rock and metal, sprinkling equal amounts of Disturbed, Papa Roach, and Godsmack in with the unique sound heard during “Who’s To Blame”, virtually ensures that Faces of March will begin to be heard on rock stations all throughout the United States.

“Broken” inserts a little bit of late nineties flair, with the vocals approaching more of a Shirley Manson or a Fiona Apple, albeit with a much more gritty and heavy flair than either of those two. Where the instrumentation of many current rock bands takes a back seat compared to the vocals, each of the tracks on “Confessions” showcases an act in Faces of March that is collected, confident, and is ready to take over the rock world. “Drowning” has a little bit of industrial feel present ensuring that fans of a Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, or even Tool will have something substantive to chew on. Where the act takes a number of different directions during “Confessions”, each track establishes a cohesive and collective sound for the band and for the album.

By the time that “Wanna Be” finishes up, listeners will have a good sense of the toolbox which Faces of March could conceivably use for follow up releases to “Confessions”. However, there is a certain x factor, something that is present during each of the 10 tracks on “Confessions”, that ensures that any Faces of March release will be unique and will contain some of the best rock music of the last decade. If Faces of March, rather than Nickelback, would be the face of rock music for the next decade, I could die a happy man. Buy “Confessions” and see what I am talking about, and check out a live show if they come to your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: Drowning, Who’s To Blame

Rating: 8.4/10

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