Posted on: December 6, 2008 Posted by: cborell Comments: 0

Has a song ever made you cry? I feel this is a question of utmost importance in determining whether or not one experiences empathy. The overwhelming rush of adrenaline up your spine and wave of electricity flying up your arm to your fingertips with the only source being such a powerful song that embodies commanding soul forcing you to feel the artist’s genuine attempt to connect with another soul.

The understanding that powerful legends such as Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer can pay tribute to another legend Bob Marley, all three of them from completely different parts of the world, yet all sharing the same love for the world and those around them. The amazing feeling gives hope to me in the most depressing and bleak moments. If everybody was able to experience this, there would possibly be no suffering in the world. Many though lack the empathy necessary to feel this; many have been abused so badly that they may never feel again for themselves let alone others. However, healing is possible and music is proof.

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