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As a political science graduate student, Commander in Chief is a game that really interests me. It is an up to date (using data for values up to January 2009). The game itself is touted as placing players in President Obama’s shoes, but don’t let that limit your imagination. No matter what state, what individual, players want to be, they take on the duties and roles associated with those heads of states. The graphics are a little dated, but the simple fact is that the game does not need that type of cutting-edge graphics.

If individuals go back through the years and look at all the different simulations, there has always been at least a generation lag between them and the then-current, “œcutting edge” games that were out on the market. What players will care about more is the game play, and this is where a title like Commander in Chief really shines. There are just so many data sources leading players into so many different courses of action. This, and the sheer number of states in the game, makes it impossible for an individual to play the same game twice. With a continually changing style of game play (individuals will have to take a different tack with states with different population and resource endowments), Commander in Chief is one of those titles that I feel has an infinity replay value to it.

I would love to see the game updated in a quarterly fashion, just to give individuals the most up to date experience that they can have. If at all possible, I would love to see yearly editions of this title, with minor graphic and game play tweaks, released at the start of every year. The three game modes – Open, Missions, and Multiplayer – will ensure that this is the one game that players will not get tired of, no matter how many times they finish the different goals laid down by the title. Here’s to hoping we hear more from Eversim and this title in the months and years to come.

Rating: 8.8/10

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  1. the game is ok but has some major flaws such as your inability to rearange the budget ie increase the defence budget so you dont get in shit when it goes into the red. The other major fault is that they did not do their reserch at all for example. When playing as Canada you have horrible relations with Cuba while in reality Canada generaly has warm to good relations with Cuba. Its as if the americans who clearly made this game did no research on Canada assuming that we feel the same as them not to mention Canada uses the word Primers instead of Govenors … Not very Fucking hard to put a simple if statement in the game code

    for their latent disrespect and horrendous insults directed at their much more smarter allies to the north i give this game a -8 out of +10

  2. Actually Harry, The developer of this title is European not from the US but I have to disagree with your assessment considering the amount of statistical data this game holds I am extremely impressed.

  3. Yeah and the only reason Canadians know a lot about the US versus the US about Canada is the power of the US media. How much do Canadians watch US TV versus Americans watch Canadian Tv. Even Canadians dont watch their own TV. It has nothign to do with one beign smareter than the other. Both scoieties can be pretty naive to the world around them and just as closed minded and even racist. The game was good for a start, they should have expansions packs though.

  4. I bought this game after saving up for it for three months. Would have loved to try it out, but the activation server no longer exists and therefore it can’t be activated thus not playable. Attempted to go to the web site on the box (which incidentally a link for the same site is displayed at the end of the article I’m commenting too here), but that web site also no longer exists. In fact, any and all web sites that are associated with this game are no longer accessible from any search engine or direct http address typed in. The only thing I ever get in return is “Sever Not Found” go ahead, click on the link at the end of the article on this page…no such luck.

    Waste of money? Don’t know, can’t play the game thanks to completely irresponsible publishers taking down all their web sites at once.

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