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To say I feel disappointed with the way our system perpetuates itself would be an understatement. I have come to the realization that the cancerous by products of our social and political culture will not be exhumed without complete fallout of our position in the world market and political system. Social causes that drive our nation into separate directions have blinded millions of compassionate Americans into readily accepting the chains of debt. Along with passing on our debts to a new generation we have also given free passes to those institutions that cause the most social and economic harm to our own people. The free market system can work if it is one hundred percent free, with no capital business being meddled into, saved by or promoted through government institutions. However, we no longer, and may never again, have a true free market system. This is for many reasons, one being the overwhelming trend for money to seek out more money. Other reasons include but are not limited to: traditional practices being perpetuated past their mark of obsolescence, the basic human decision to prolong correction due to fear of current comfort being temporarily reduced, and a lack of motivational factors resulting from an unjust feeling of superiority.

Sickeningly we have shunned the idea of open debate, not only with friends but with ourselves. So many of us readily mark ourselves as the intellectual winner, thinking that certainly our way of understanding is superior to those who do not also adapt this personal feeling. This is a sin of which I do not claim innocence. Until we reject one-sided journalism (a contradictory term, I might add) we will never have a truly sound and efficient ruling system. When one group of people gains ground on another group of people it is very natural for them to use their new found powers to push the rules into the direction that will keep them in the position of advantage. There is a severe lack of honor in this way of thinking; I would go as far as calling it unpatriotic (although this term can be dangerous in the hands of those pushing to keep themselves in power). This lack of honesty has led to a disgusting mix of Marxism and Neo-Conservatism. Not only do we have the Marxist ideals of redistribution, government ruled capital and unequal opportunity, we have also perpetuated the idea that it is ok to be mistrusting of those who may be different, those who do not use the majority of society’s means of success and those who do not share the same omni-goals of power and prestige.

Things we may normally consider every day occurrence to us are very difficult to look at and analyze with an open mind. Critique is very important in this regard. One man on television stating his point of view is not telling the masses that they must think the same way that he does, but it is a little naive to believe that all should have the same questioning spirit. It has been proven through sociological science that if an unnecessary line is formed most people will stand in this line as soon as the first few people line up, they will then get upset when they see others not standing in the particular line and discourage them from moving forward, even if the line system itself is completely inefficient. Why then is it assumed that those who are in the seat of power cannot perpetuate their own interests through these means? If all the major media outlets are owned by a handful of extremely powerful, how is it possible for the masses to fight against the injustice of misinformation when they are placed so vaguely at our feet?

It works in this manner. The head CEO of a company (or lead share owners) hires those who will earn their company the most revenue. This is simple business and by itself is not a bad practice. However, the next step down is an ever changing group of people, they are interchangeable as they are a highly desired job, and their services are used until obsolete at which point they are replaced. Because of this instability there is generally a lack of blame, if one company performs a injustice it can be blamed on those that are lowest in the chain, and that link of the chain can be quickly replaced. This demonstrates the idea I am trying to explain on the corporate level, however, the same applies to all of society. The way a mob leader perpetuates established crime is the exact same way, those lower on the chain are those who were caught red handed for petty crime while the biggest crook of them all goes free. In crime and business the motivation is money, however this works in politics as well as religion and art. If a local police sheriff can pull over a spending car and get the same pay as he would if he was to bust a local heroin cartel, he would not risk his neck in the line of duty unless he is of great constitution, rarely is there a better reward for doing what is right, on larger scales this is amplified, leaving those who refuse to do injustice to their country & fellow people on the bottom rungs. It seems immensely nonsensical and backwards for those who strive to make things better, who make sacrifices for their community and who work the hardest for what they believe in to be completely overwhelmed by the greatly rewarded few who have jumped the hurdles, disenfranchised the most of their fellow citizens and have done whatever was necessary in the name of greed & power. I understand that not all of those in wealth have got their through these means but the very nature of money tells us that the biggest monetary gains will go to those who perpetuate the system of keeping the sake of gaining more money as the primary turner of money. Those with intentions other than money have no reason to perpetuate the idea that money should be held in the highest regard. Those who have the most money have the power to make sure that money is kept in the highest regard. Until compassion and love is more valuable than money in our society(don’t fool yourselves it’s not even close right now) those lacking the love and compassion will stay in power, and continue to feed off of those who do have love and compassion as their number one interests.

Selfishness is the main perpetuate of money. Do not let those who have the most money and power convince you that you also want to be selfish. They are miserable and will go to long lengths trying to get more money to solve their misery, along the way causing even more grief and misery for those below them. It saddens me to see leading news anchors & political figures use their positions to try to convince American’s that they are the most compassionate. Those who play the game the best win, not those who will risk monetary loses for community gains (or company loses for community gains). Sad but true. I’ll tell you when I have a better solution, but for now I would like everybody to promise to not sacrifice what they believe are the right things to do, and to think twice before giving your trust to those who have got to their position because of a disregard for human life. 10,000,000 dollars can buy a lot of people new lives out of modern day slavery or starvation; I think the numbers generally speak for themselves. If I ever end up with a lot of money and forget these values please be sure to send me this article as surely in that case I have fallen by the wayside.

– Collin

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