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We have had the ability to taste a number of different types of vodka over the year or so that the alcohol review section has been active. However, we have not had too much in the “organic” section of things, and Blue Ice is one of many reviews that we are conducting over the course of the next month to see how organic spirits stack up to their non-organic brethren. The bottle itself is pretty unique, combining the bottle shape with formed ice crystals on the back of the bottle.

When one opens the screw-top, the first hints of the spirit’s personality come. Where a great many of vodkas are up in an imbiber’s face with a harsh, medicinal type of alcohol bite, Blue Ice is very mild and even a bit refreshing. In a similar way, the initial sip of Blue Ice is much less harsh than similar priced vodka, even when one takes into consideration the post-sip burn. The vodka’s taste will do decently well if one wants to place it on the rocks, but Blue Ice works well in mixed drinks. Whether it would be in Sprite and vodka, a Screwdriver, or even a Cosmopolitan, Blue Ice gives the proper body to a mixed drink. Without all of the harmful chemicals present that are in a number of non-organic spirits, Blue Ice is a milder beast in part than most other types of vodka.

The percentage alcohol is the same, so potential imbibers would do well to go and exercise more moderation than normal with the Blue Ice. I know, that regardless of its way of creation, I will try to have a bottle of Blue Ice in my liquor cabinets at all time. If you like vodka, you should give Blue Ice serious consideration the next time that you are at the liquor store.

Rating: 8.2/10

Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka (Vodka) / 80 Proof /

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