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In the last year or so, I have felt that I have become increasingly isolated from the hip and happening land of independent magazines and comics. It sucks, to say the least. However, Noah Van Sciver has been gracious enough to begin and continue to foster a working relationship with NeuFutur in the last year or so.

A few days ago, we received “The Limited and Very Rare Noah Van Sciver Mini Comic”, and after my wife snapped it up, I was able to find it for review. Long-time readers of the magazine will recall that we reviewed Blammo #2 by Noah in the past (accessible at ) ; this issue starts out with “Oh, You’re an Artist?,” and details Noah’s continued irritation with those individuals that showcase their work in inappropriate locales and situations. The untitled piece that follows “Oh, You’re an Artist?” sets off the theme of the issue – increasing isolation in the face of urban sprawl – perfectly. While some may see the next piece – a drunk trying to find eir way back home – as a break for a few pages from the theme, I contend that it further hammers home the same theme. The individual is completely lost in current society, despite being no more than a few blocks away from eir house at any point during the strip.

“Three Hundred and Seven” is one of the later pieces in this mini comic, and hits again on the same topic. This piece is slightly different in scope than the rest of those present in the mini comic, representing comfort rather than alienation (although, loneliness is threaded throughout this piece). I am lucky to have this comic, and I sincerely hope that you are one of the 100 people to have this issue sent your way). Thank you, Noah.

Rating: 8.8/10

The Limited and Very Rare Noah Van Sciver Mini Comic / 20M / :15 /

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