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Honey Brown is a beer that has always been approachable in price while still having a pretty solid flavor and taste when compared to microbrewery efforts, but I must admit that I hadn’t had one in a few years. We were lucky to hook up with Honey Brown’s publicist a few days ago and get a sample shipped out. After chilling out in the fridge, we were able to give the beer a fair shake.

Honey Brown starts out with a small head that tops a very dark yellow, approaching gold and tan. The nose of the Honey Brown comes forth sweeter than titular efforts from Genesee or Schaefer, while avoiding the overly fruity flavor of efforts from a Bud Light Lime or a Shock Top Ale. There is a dryness that comes forth at points with a more smoky / toasty taste, giving Honey Brown a fulfilling finish that is memorable but doesn’t feel heavy or otherwise off-putting.

The sweetness of the Honey Brown stands in stark contrast to the overly biting IPAs and similar progeny that crowds beer shelves, turning Honey Brown into a beer that is cheap, eminently drinkable, and is something that anyone with varying degrees of beer style familiarity can appreciate. If you would like an intelligent alternative to macrobrews that is not quite as “out there” as an average microbrew effort, give Honey Brown a spin – you’ll dig it more with each bottle downed.

Rating: 8.2/10

Honey Brown (Beer) / 4.50% ABV /

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