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Pinnacle’s flavored line was one of the few that we had not had the opportunity to review at NeuFutur. Where we have reviewed countless other flavored vodkas in the time that we have had the alcoholic section active, Pinnacle’s Raspberry effort is special. Aside from being the first of its brand, it also is the first raspberry-touched spirit that we have covered. The seventy-proof spirit represents a fairly normally-fueled spirit, while the nose present is extremely subtle and alluring.

Where a number of the other flavored vodkas attack potential imbibers with this nose, Pinnacle’s kinder touch ensures that all will have their interest piqued as soon as this blue-tinted bottle is opened. When individuals take a nip from the bottle (or even down a shot), they will see that this mild flavoring continues to the body of Pinnacle Raspberry. The flavoring is smart here, not becoming overbearing but ensuring that the alcohol bite is not present.

The main thing that those that are looking to buy a bottle of Pinnacle Raspberry will have to consider are their friends; the first time that we brought the bottle out for tasting notes, two individuals left the bottle half-empty after about four drinks. However, Pinnacle represents the perfect blend of price and amazing taste – at a sub-$20 price point for the 1.75 liter bottle, it may just be okay if you have lush friends. Pinnacle Raspberry is a solid vodka, and we will see yet whether the brand’s 21 other flavors match up to what has to be one of the best flavored vodkas that we have tasted this year.

Rating: 8.2/10

Pinnacle Raspberry (Vodka) / 70 Proof /

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