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Sam & Max have to be part of one of the longest running series in video gamedom at this point. Where there were a few years without a Sam & Max title, Telltale Games (And publisher Atari) have decided to create a game that carries the standard of Sam & Max quite well. This title represents the second volume in the ongoing Sam & Max serial, continuing with the same cast of characters but changing things up considerably with a beefing up of the cast. This means that players will interact with Mister Spatula, Max’s goldfish from season one that has rapidly taken an evil bent, while Jurgen’s goth antics add a touch of supernatural oogie-woogieness to Sam & Max’s gumshoe capers. This title does well in balancing the traditional game play of older Sam & Max titles with both the graphics and the nuances that players of the current generation of titles expect.

The Wii controller may be harder for some than a keyboard and mouse setup, but the intuitiveness of the game’s controls have been ported over well to the Wii platform. Despite having a lighthearted feel to the different episodes, there is dramatic progression seen between each of the title’s five episodes. The ultimate episode, “What’s New, Beelzebub”, has the titular duo hit up Hell for the ultimate prize – Bosco’s soul. While other bits of drama, such as Sam & Max attempting to put out a volcano in “Moai Better Blues” are significant, each episode adds a little bit of tension to this story arc.

So, make sure to keep up to date about the happenings of Sam & Max; if you’ve not done so already, pick up a copy of Sam & Max Save The World. Furthermore, the adventure is afoot again with season three, as “The Penal Zone” has just been released.

Rating: 7.8/10

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (Nintendo Wii) / 2010 Atari / /

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