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Q: What’s your story? How’d you fall into music and in particular, praise music?

I grew up in Trinidad in a hard part of the country. I came to the United States 12 years ago and ended up getting saved and stayed here. I have been singing all of my life but when I was first saved I stopped and just focused on growing in the Lord and on His will. While on a mission trip in Trinidad I heard the Lord tell me to develop my talent. I came back to the State and put together a four song CD project. Before I used to write love songs only, but the love for the Lord has given me His wisdom in writing songs to help people get through the hard times that they are going through. Praise is just one part of the music. Music does things to the heart that no one can do, it can help give hope and guide the soul into peace and love with the Lord.

Q: Who are you listening to right now?

I listen first to the Spirit of the Lord.*grin* I like Newsboys, Third Day, Hillsongs Israel Houghton mostly Praise and Worship.

Q: What things – music, religion, art, or other cultural factors – do you think will be big in the next year?

I see Godlessness is growing in the hearts of both believers and unbelievers. What I mean by that is the sign of the times in all culture factors. In music, I think people are going to be searching for positive music, music that they feel will give them peace.

Q: What specific quotes or meanings from the Bible or from religious sources do you base your life around?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Q: Who else in the music scene have you met and who is out there right now that you would like to collaborate with?

I’ve met Third Day and Newsboys at meet and greets a few times. I would love to work with both of those groups too one day.

Q: How happy are you about how “He’s Coming Again” turned out? What things did you learn about recording from your work on the album?

I’m very happy with how the album turned out. It took three years of hard work and I had no money to work with but I had the Lord and I love the process. I learned what not to do in recording after doing each song about 100 times. Listening to each song over and over took time but it paid off.

Q: What are your favorite tracks on “He’s Coming Again”, and why are those tracks special to you?

Coming Again, Teach Me, Storm, I Will Serve You To The End and Pray. All of these songs are special to me because they are part of my life’s journey.

Q: How should the average person prepare for Jesus’ return? Is his return something that will happen in the near future, or do you feel that there is a significant amount of time before that happens?

Ask Jesus to come into your heart, that’s the only way to prepare. No one knows when the Lord is coming but the signs of the earth are clear that the earth is crying out for the sons of God to come alive. That’s why we have to be prepared by being saved for His coming.

Q:How should people find your music? Are there any other releases coming out that they should look into buying?

You can listen and purchase my music at,,,,, and

We are trying to release a CD every year for the next five years. I just got a band together and we are going to have some shows coming up soon.

Q: How have you gotten more of your fans – Myspace / Twitter or traditional word of mouth? Have you noticed anything different between these types of fans?

Mostly through social media, but by word of mouth as well. I haven’t noticed a difference between getting fans face to face or through social media. Fans that I have made through word of mouth tend to find me through social media anyway.

Q: What else should we know ?

We are working on the CD for next year and we have a band coming out call Seon Smith and the One Band. June 6 will be our first performance together.

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