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This beer begins its pour in a tremendously effervescent way, which will ensure a solid inch-plus head in a pilsner glass, no matter how carefully individuals pour. The continual bubbliness of the beer is a sight to see, while there is little in the way of nose to speak of. The first taste of the Boulevard Pilsner provides imbibers with two distinct sides. First off, there is a decidedly run-of-the-mill American-style beer taste to be had, meaning that fans of Schaefer, Piels, or even Pabst Blue Ribbon will be happy. However, Boulevard has given more experienced beer-drinkers something to chew on – in each sip of the Pilsner, there is a slight bite towards the end that replaces the overwhelming sweetness of some of those aforementioned beers.

While this by no means goes into the harsh bite of most IPAs, there is a full experience to be had each time one has a Boulevard Pilsner. The sub-5.0% ABV and relatively light-bodied taste of the Pilsner ensures that this is the perfect beer for the hot summer. For those drinkers that are bored by all the major breweries’ efforts, Boulevard Pilsner represents a skillful mélange of all-American taste with a decidedly craft brew complexity. Check out the linked website for the other efforts by Boulevard, which run the gamut from somewhat common variants (IPA, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer) to utterly unique efforts (Zon, a Witbeer and Boss Tom’s, a Maibock). Here’s to hoping that we can continue to review Boulevard Brewing.

Rating: 8.3/10

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