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It sometimes can be difficult to understand what a band is all about when they provide a reviewer with an EP. However, I feel that Lithium Seven is an act that are able to squeeze in a proper introduction on the three tracks that comprise “Something Else Is Waiting”. The first song here is “Get To Montana”, a bit of pop-rock that rides the waves created by acts like John Mellencamp, Goo Goo Dolls and Lifehouse. To differentiate themselves from these acts, there seems to be a tremendously intense and introspective path taken to the vocals that is mirrored by the guitar and drums soon after. The song may only be three and a half minutes, but listeners will be lost in the dense forests of the arrangement and lush vocals here.

The titular track to “Something Else Is Waiting” has the band change up gears, gradually building up tension in a way that reminds me of the Dire Straits classic “Sultans of Swing”. Rather than being mired in the late-seventies style and production of that track, there is a brilliance and contemporariness to the track that will have fans zeroed in on the disc’s final track, “Arizona”. “Arizona” is able to enjoy the same quality and expansive sound of the previous two tracks on this EP, but takes a different tack than either. In fact, “Arizona” is a song that is utterly epic. A second shy of the six-minute mark, “Arizona” is a story of love that gradually ebbs and flows, the human condition approximated by rapid shifts in tempo and sound, all the way out until the track’s conclusion. A truly beautiful track, one that listeners need to touch upon to fully understand Lithium Seven.

While this disc is no means the whole story on the band, these cuts should be enough to ignite the fire in listeners, making them yearn to pick up the band’s next full length or see them whenever they come to a nearby town. With three distinctive and unique tracks, I have little doubt in my mind that Lithium Seven will be able to create a mind-blowing title that will truly redefine what the “adult alternative” genre is all about.

Top Tracks: Get To Montana, Something Else Is Waiting

Rating: 8.2/10

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